The UNC Policy Manual

Regulation on Administrative Separation


The UNC Policy Manual
Adopted 03/21/03
Amended 05/02/10

Regulation on Administrative Separation

1.             Administrative Separation and Return to a Tenured Faculty Position.[1]

a.            Return to a Tenured Faculty Position.  An administrator who holds a concurrent tenured faculty appointment may return to that appointment with all the rights and responsibilities of faculty in the home department, unless a proceeding is initiated to discharge or demote the tenured faculty member. If there has been an administrative stipend during the appointment, that stipend shall be removed. The salary shall be adjusted from a 12-month administrative salary to a 9-month or 12-month faculty salary that is commensurate with the salaries of comparable faculty members.

b.            Research Leave. At the discretion of the Chancellor, or the President in the case of a UNC General Administration employee, the Chancellor or President may provide for up to a one semester research leave for any tenured faculty member who has served in one or more consecutive Senior Academic and Administrative Officer positions subject to Policy 300.1.1, I.A for at least five years in order to provide an opportunity for the faculty member to prepare for teaching and research responsibilities. Prior to the beginning of the research leave, the administrator shall submit a work plan for the leave period to include expected outcomes. The plan will be reviewed and approved by the Chancellor. In the event that an employee of UNC General Administration is returning to the faculty of a constituent institution, the President shall review and approve the work plan. The leave will be paid at a salary commensurate with the salaries of comparable faculty members.

c.             Exception Provision.  Exceptions may be made to recognize extraordinary circumstances including, but not limited to, extended or superior service in administrative roles. Any exception to these provisions must be approved by the Board of Trustees and by the President. 

d.            Failure to Return to Faculty Role. In the event that the faculty member does not assume faculty responsibilities for at least a semester after the research leave in accordance with this policy, the Chancellor, or the President in the case of the UNC General Administration employee, is authorized, in his or her discretion, to require repayment of compensation paid during the leave period from the non-returning faculty member.

2.            Reappointment of an Administrator without Faculty Return Rights. An administrator leaving a position that is categorized as “at will” has no claim to a position at the university; however, there may be circumstances in which assignment to another administrative or teaching position would be beneficial for both the institution and the employee. In these cases, the new salary should be appropriate to the assignment. Any exception must be approved by the Board of Trustees and by the President. This Regulation does not supersede any notice or severance pay required by Board of Governors policy.

3.            Separation from the University.  In some cases, it may be in the best interests of the institution to negotiate a severance agreement with an administrator. UNC policy addresses timely notice for termination of Senior Academic and Administrative Officers hired pursuant to Policy 300.1.1, I.B. In certain circumstances, these employees are entitled to notice of the discontinuation of their employment with full pay for up to 90 days or severance pay, depending on their length of service. A Chancellor or the President may, at his or her discretion, determine that the circumstances justify continuing full pay for employees subject to Policy 300.1.1, I.A for up to 90 days. Any agreement that results in a longer period of compensation must be approved by the Board of Trustees or the Board of Governors for employees of UNC General Administration.

4.            Retirement.  Nothing in these Regulations shall prevent a tenured faculty member from immediately participating in phased retirement, consistent with existing UNC policies.

5.            Coverage. These regulations apply to Senior Academic and Administrative Officers hired on or after the approval date. Employees serving as Senior Academic and Administrative Officers prior to the approval date remain covered under the previous regulations dated 03/21/03.


[1]Campuses that do not have tenured faculty positions will follow campus-based policies approved by the President that are consistent with the intent of this Regulation.