The UNC Policy Manual

Adopted 11/01/72

Amended 10/18/01


Regulation on Recruitment of Employees from Other Campuses

Within the University of North Carolina


Each campus of the University of North Carolina is challenged to obtain employees with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to accomplish the strategic goals of a campus, department or work unit.  In some instances, the person best suited for a position on one campus is currently employed at another campus of the University. In those instances, it is the obligation of those involved in the consideration of an intercampus recruiting decision to balance the welfare of the University as a whole, the wishes of the particular appointee, and the effect the decision will have on the two institutions directly concerned. In competing for talented people each campus is expected to adhere to human resource practices that meet generally accepted ethical standards. This regulation amends and replaces Administrative Memorandum Number 6 issued November 1, 1972.


I.             Coverage

This regulation applies to any decision of a recruiting UNC campus or entity to employ a full-time, permanent EPA employee who is, at the time of selection, with another UNC campus or entity.

The terms of this regulation apply as regulations for the recruitment of covered[1] persons who are members of the faculty or in an instructional or research position at another campus of the University of North Carolina.[2]

               The term UNC campus or entity refers to the sixteen constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina as well as the Office of the President and entities affiliated with the UNC General Administration.


II.           Regulation

Prior to making a formal written offer of appointment to an intended employee, the hiring campus shall give notice of intent to the campus at which the appointee is currently employed.   The notice from the hiring campus shall be provided by the Vice Chancellor supervising the programmatic area making the offer.[3]  The notice to the campus at which the appointee is currently employed shall be provided to the Vice Chancellor supervising the programmatic area in which the employee is assigned.[4]

The recruiting campus may, simultaneously with notifying the campus at which the appointee is currently employed, tender an offer to the candidate. The campus at which the appointee is currently employed may, within five days of the notice, request the terms of the offer. If a request for terms is not made within the five-day period, then after that time, the recruiting campus may finalize a contract. In the event that the campus at which the appointee is currently employed requests the terms of the offer, the recruiting campus shall send the information outlined in paragraph 4 below. The recruiting campus may not finalize a contract until 5 (five) days after receipt of the terms of the offer by the currently employing campus.

No offer of appointment covered by this regulation shall be made within 90 days of the commencement of the academic semester in which service is to begin unless mutually agreed upon by authorized campus officials.

The information provided to the currently employing campus must include any and all recruiting inducements, financial or otherwise and regardless of fund source, the proposed salary, stipends, summer salary, appointment to an endowed chair, teaching responsibilities, start-up funds and other recruitment incentives.

In response to the offer, the campus at which the appointee is currently employed may make an equivalent counter offer to that of the recruiting campus.  Neither campus shall engage in negotiations that might result in a “bidding war” between UNC campuses. In instances in which more than one campus or entity of the UNC system, along with external employers, have extended an offer either campus or entity may compete with the external offer and the other UNC campus may match the offer of the UNC campus or entity.

If, in conjunction with an intercampus recruiting decision covered by the regulation in this section, an appointee who is a principal investigator or co-investigator under an extramurally funded contract or grant wishes to transfer the contract or grant or any part of the equipment funded thereby to the campus to which the appointee is transferring, the matter must be discussed at the earliest possible opportunity with the contract and grant administrator at the hiring campus.  Such transfer of contract or grant or equipment may be accomplished only after approval by both Chancellors concerned and in accordance with University rules for contract and grant administration and the rules of the granting agency.

If there is a question regarding the application of this regulation, the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs in the Office of the President will provide an interpretation.



[1]“Covered persons” means a full-time, permanent EPA employee at another UNC campus or entity.

[2]The terms of this regulation are guidance in the recruitment of full-time permanent EPA employees at another campus of the University of North Carolina who hold an EPA position other than as a member of the faculty or as an EPA member of the instructional or research staff. 

[3]In some cases positions being recruited for or the employee being recruited report to a Chancellor. In those cases, the recruiting Chancellor shall be responsible to provide the Chancellor at the employing institution the notice required by this regulation.

4Any campus may designate other officials to provide or receive the required notice. Notwithstanding such a designation, a recruiting campus is deemed to have provided the required notice once it has transmitted notice to the appropriate Vice Chancellor or, when appropriate, the Chancellor.