The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 07/09/92

Guideline on Contracting with Community Colleges to Offer Remedial Instruction

The following are guidelines concerning arrangements between a University campus and a nearby community college to offer remedial instruction on the campus.  Some of the institutions within the University have entered into such contracts and others have been encouraged to do so when it improves the cost effectiveness or educational value of remedial coursework.  When courses are offered under such contracts the credit hours associated with them should be:

1.            Included in the community college FTE count but not in the campus FTE count for Regular Term Enrollment;

2.            Included in determining the student's courseload for purposes of establishing eligibility for financial aid at the institution;

3.            Excluded in determining the student's tuition charges at the institution except that the campus may act as fiscal agent for the community college in collecting its tuition and fee charges;

4.            Included in the student record at the institution and at the community college; and

5.            Included in the Freshmen Performance File and Student Data File collected by this office.  The cost of faculty and staff employed by the community college and the cost of student tuition and course fees that the campus may collect on behalf of the community college should not be included in expenditure data on remedial instruction that are reported annually to the vice president for academic affairs.


[This is a rewrite of Administrative Memorandum #325.]