The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 03/18/05


Supplemental Pay Policy for Employees Exempt from the

State Personnel Act (EPA)


I.             This policy addresses supplemental payments to faculty and non-faculty EPA employees. UNC GA/OP and each constituent institution must have policies or regulations in place that clearly address the requirements and procedures for special payments.


The Supplemental Pay Policy is intended to address two situations:


A.               Temporary increases in responsibility during the employee’s normal work hours or contract period.


B.           Extra duties performed outside the employee’s job description and outside of normal work hours or that add extra work hours in addition to those spent on normal job duties.


Supplemental pay is not a bonus for performance.  Employees who are eligible for overtime under FLSA regulations must not be given supplemental pay in lieu of overtime. 


II.           The Supplemental Pay Policy should address the following:


A.           Types of assignments, including faculty overloads, special or temporary administrative assignments, and non-faculty EPA teaching assignments.


B.           Procedures for requesting temporary pay.


C.           Limits on overload time or length of assignment.


D.           Compensation guidelines, including any limits on the amount of pay.


III.          The following steps must be completed and documented before a supplemental payment can be made:


A.           The employee’s supervisor must submit a written request stating the justification for supplemental pay in advance of the start of the special assignment.


B.           The request must clearly identify the activities covered, the relationship of the activities to normal job responsibilities, the expected duration, and the basis for determining the one-time or periodic supplemental payment.


C.           The request must be made to the appropriate administrator (Provost/Vice Chancellor, Department Head, Dean, Vice President, etc.)


D.           The approved request must be submitted to Human Resources or EPA Personnel Administration for final review and processing.


E.            Documentation of supplemental payments must be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.