The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 4/29/94

Amended 09/10/04

Technical Corrections 02/24/21


Guideline on University Teaching Awards


This guideline contains a summary of the steps to be taken by the constituent institutions to implement Section 400.3.6 of the UNC Policy Manual, Policy on University Teaching Awards.


Implementation of Teaching Awards by the Constituent Institutions


I.             System-Wide Awards


A.           Each institution should have developed detailed, written procedures for nominating one faculty member annually to receive the Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching. 


B.           The selection of the nominee, who must meet the eligibility criteria established by the Board, shall be made by a campus-wide selection committee. 


C.           The name of the institution’s nominee, along with convincing supportive evidence (e.g., a portfolio), must be submitted to the president through the chancellor of the nominating institution by February 1 of each year.


F.            Portfolios must include:


1.            A brief written statement which articulates each finalist’s teaching philosophy and methods used to achieve educational goals;


2.            Copies of peer evaluation of teaching;


3.            Statements by colleagues and former students of the instructor who have provided letters of support for the nominee;


4.            A copy of the nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae; and


5.            A current photograph of the nominee.


6.            Other materials may be included in the portfolio at the discretion of the campus.


7.            These materials will be returned to the campus after the awards ceremony.


E.            The Board of Governors committee charged with overseeing the Teaching Awards process will review the documentation and recommend the names of recipients to the Board of Governors.


F.            Once the selection has been made and the recipient of the annual Board of Governors Award for Teaching Excellence has been announced, a summary of the supporting documentation should be made available to all of the campus community.  (The documentation could be placed in the campus library.)


G.           The $12,500 award paid to a recipient of a Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching must be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any salary increases (for merit or other reasons) to which an individual recipient may be entitled.

II.           Institutional Awards


A.           The internal allocation of funds provided for institutional awards must be consistent with institutional procedures as required by the Board in Section 400.3.6. of the UNC Policy Manual. Eligibility criteria for the awards on the various campuses (i.e., length of service and tenure status, etc.) are to be determined by appropriate committees at the appropriate levels.


B.           Each institution must file an annual report by June 15 to the Board of Governors through the president on the internal distribution and use of these allocations for teaching awards. 


III.          Evaluation of Program of Awards. The Board committee responsible for overseeing the Awards for Teaching Excellence will periodically evaluate Section 400.3.6, revise it as appropriate, and recommend changes to these guidelines to the president as appropriate.


IV.          Other Matters


               A.           Effective Date. The requirements of this guideline shall be effective upon the date of the adoption of this guideline by the president.


               B.           Relation to Federal and State Laws and Policies. The foregoing guideline as adopted by the president is meant to supplement, and does not purport to supplant or modify, those statutory enactments, regulations, and policies which may govern or related to the subject matter of this guideline.