The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 03/23/05

Amended 04/05/18


Regulation Governing Review of Licensure for Nonpublic Postsecondary Institutions Proposing to Open Additional Campuses or

Sites in North Carolina to Offer Degree Programs that have been Previously Licensed by the Board of Governors


I.             Purpose.  This regulation applies to institutions with programs licensed pursuant to Section 400.4.1 of the UNC Policy Manual, which open or intend to open additional sites or campuses in North Carolina after having been previously licensed to conduct postsecondary degree granting activity by the Board of Governors. 


II.           Application Required

A.             The institution shall provide an application for the proposed campus or site documenting that the institution will be in compliance with the Section 400.4.1 of the UNC Policy Manual at the proposed new campus or site.  Staff from the University of North Carolina System Office (UNC System Office) shall direct the form and content of the application based upon the initial notification received from the institution and may require a site visit to the proposed new campus or site. 

B.           Staff will review the application for the proposed campus or site.


C.           If appropriate, staff from the UNC System Office will respond in writing that the institution may proceed with its plans to open the new campus or site to offer the proposed postsecondary degree programs that have been previously approved by the Board of Governors.   The UNC System Office requires a site visit, within a calendar year of the date of the letter of approval, by a team of examiners with expertise in the field to ascertain the institution’s compliance with Section 400.4.1 of the UNC Policy Manual at the new campus or site.


D.           A report of the site visit by the team of examiners will be forwarded to the UNC System Office for review and recommendation to the president.


E.            The institution must comply with the Section 400.4.1 of the UNC Policy Manual to maintain its license to offer the degrees at the additional site.


III.          Other Matters

A.               Effective Date.  The requirements of this regulation shall be effective on the date of adoption of this regulation by the president.


B.               Relation to Federal and State Laws and Policies.  The foregoing regulation is meant to supplement, and does not purport to supplant or modify, those statutory enactments, regulations, and policies which may govern or relate to the subject matter of this regulation.