The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 10/27/05

Amended 1/20/06

Renumbered and Amended 12/13/19[1]

Amended 02/03/20

Repealed 05/11/2022


Guideline on the Residence Status of Students Receiving Full Scholarships


I.             Constituent institutions may consider as resident students, for tuition and all other purposes, nonresident students who receive a full scholarship from entities recognized by the institution. Participation by constituent institutions is optional. Constituent institutions participating must do so based on a resolution by its board of trustees. The resolution of the board of trustees can be approved at any time.


II.           Only undergraduate students may be considered residents pursuant to this provision. This provision does not apply to students receiving full scholarships for athletics.


III.          A student who receives a “full” scholarship is one who receives a grant or grants that cover tuition, mandatory fees, room and board for the academic year in which the student is to be considered a resident.


IV.          The scholarship must come from one or more entities recognized in the board of trustees’ resolution or recognized by the chancellor pursuant to delegated authority from the board of trustees. This list may include both entities with which the constituent institution has a formal relationship and entities which do not have a formal relationship with the constituent institution. If an entity is recognized by the board of trustees, all students receiving full scholarships from that entity must be treated as resident students in accordance with this provision.


V.           An institution may phase in this provision by recognizing only a limited number of entities initially and then approving an amendment to add other recognized entities.


VI.          Neither the constituent institution itself, nor a fund of the constituent institution, may be a recognized entity. However, the institution’s endowment may be a recognized entity if it is awarding scholarships that are derived totally from private funding sources.


VII.         A full scholarship may not include grants from state or federal funds distributed by the constituent institutions or administered by the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority.


VIII.        Constituent institutions may include students considered residents pursuant to this section as in-state students in its enrollment funding request.


IX.          Nonresident students considered residents pursuant to this section must be separately flagged for data collection purposes.


X.            Other Matters


A.               Effective Date.  The requirements of this guideline shall be effective on the date of adoption of this guideline by the president.


B.               Relation to Federal and State Laws and Policies.  The foregoing guideline as adopted by the president is meant to supplement, and does not purport to supplant or modify, those statutory enactments, regulations, and policies which may govern or relate to the subject matter of this regulation.





[1]Renumbered from 900.4[G] to 900.1[G] upon the approval by the president.