The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 09/11/87


Occupation of Official Residences of the

Chancellors and the President


WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina provides a residence for the president of the University and for the chancellor of each of the sixteen constituent institutions to facilitate their conduct of official business; and

WHEREAS, the president and the chancellors regularly use their official residences for University functions that are directly related to their duties; and

WHEREAS, it has long been the expectation of the Board of Governors and the practice of the President and the chancellors that these officials do occupy their official residences for the purposes stated;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Board of Governors reaffirms its expectation that the President of the University and the chancellors of each constituent institution will occupy their official residence and that these residences will be used for University business and functions; and

Be it further resolved that it is the policy of the Board of Governors that the President and the chancellors are required to live in their official residences as a condition of employment, except in the case where such a requirement would present a serious hardship; in any such case the President or chancellor must obtain approval from the Board of Governors, except that such approval will not be necessary if the residence is being vacated temporarily while repairs or renovations are being made.