UNC Language Exchange

The UNC Language Exchange is a collaboration among universities in the UNC System that expands the number and diversity of online language courses available to UNC System students. It provides students with course offerings and course delivery modes that might not be available at their home institution and streamlines the inter-institutional registration process.

A MESSAGE from the Language Assembly

The UNC Language Exchange provides the universities in the UNC System with a professional platform aimed at facilitating the sharing of faculty and instructional resources to enhance-foreign language instruction and to support the various foreign and classical language and studies programs in North Carolina. Our primary goal is to facilitate the sharing of undergraduate courses in foreign languages and cultural studies among all UNC institutions through distributed education technologies and/or other options, as they become feasible. We incorporate the work of the existing foreign language consortia and supports the creation of language Exchanges. The Language Assembly serves as an organizational structure to support faculty scholarship and professional development for seeking grants and funds, such as for training faculty in the use of distance education technologies. We promote foreign language instruction in North Carolina’s secondary schools by providing high school students access to accelerated courses. Additionally we seek to provide students and citizens of North Carolina with a wide array of global languages to enhance their academic and professional skills, and to help North Carolina achieve a leadership in the global community.

The goals of the inter-institutional UNC Language Exchange focus on the maintenance and strengthening of current foreign language programs and the expansion of the diversity and availability of world languages by emphasizing the development of e-learning, course sharing technologies, and other nontraditional pedagogies to (1) increase the curricular offerings for existing programs, and (2) pool faculty resources to broaden the diversity of world languages at all UNC campuses.

Using the Language Exchange

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