The UNC Policy Manual
Adopted 11/12/04

Amended 07/01/07


Guideline on the Admission of Undocumented Aliens


Undocumented aliens are eligible to be considered for admission as undergraduates at UNC constituent institutions[1] based on their individual qualifications with limitations as set out below:


1.                An undocumented alien may be considered for admission only if he or she graduated from high school in the United States.


2.                Undocumented aliens may not receive state or federal financial aid in the form of a grant or a loan.


3.                An undocumented alien may not be considered a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes; all undocumented aliens must be charged out of state tuition.


4.                All undocumented aliens, whether or not they abide in North Carolina or graduated from a North Carolina high school, will be considered out of State for purposes of calculating the 18 percent cap on out of State freshmen pursuant to Policy 700.1.3. 


5.            When considering whether or not to admit an undocumented alien into a specific program of study, constituent institutions should take into account that federal law prohibits the states from granting professional licenses to undocumented aliens.

[1] The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics admits and enrolls only legal residents of the state of North Carolina.  See G.S. 116-235.