The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 06/29/94


Guideline on Student Disciplinary Proceedings:  Meaning and Effect of “Expulsion”

The following policies shall apply with respect to disciplinary proceedings against students enrolled at the constituent institutions of the University:

1.                Each constituent institution shall determine, with respect to its students, what misconduct shall warrant the sanction of expulsion from enrollment (subject to preemptive policies of the Board of Governors which have prescribed or in the future may prescribe that penalty for specified offenses).

2.                When imposed, the sanction of expulsion uniformly shall mean:  permanent dismissal, unless at a later date the chancellor who imposed or approved the sanction (or his or her successor) concludes on the basis of the former student's petition and any supportive documentation that the individual should be given a new opportunity to pursue higher education.

3.            A student who has been expelled from one constituent institution may not be admitted to another constituent institution of the University, unless and until the sanction of expulsion has been rescinded by the institution that imposed the sanction.


[This is a rewrite of Administrative Memorandum #346.]