The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 08/01/14

Amended 03/23/18

Technical Corrections 01/03/20


Policy on Efficiency and Effectiveness


The Board of Governors, consistent with its responsibility for the general direction and control of the University of North Carolina System (UNC System), is committed to ensuring continuous improvement in the consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the UNC System, including the constituent institutions. It shall be the policy of the Board of Governors, the UNC System Office, and the constituent institutions to identify and implement efficiencies that strengthen processes and productivity, that compete favorably with our peers and that generate cost or resource savings that may be reinvested to support key initiatives, approved by the Board of Governors, within the University’s core mission of teaching, research, and public service.


The Board of Governors delegates to the president authority and responsibility to lead the University in the identification, implementation, and realization of academic and non-academic efficiencies in any area including, but not limited to, expanded shared services, strategic sourcing, non-instructional or instructional positioning, credit hour production, information technology infrastructure, utilization of facilities, energy consumption and such other areas as recommended by the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors shall, on recommendation of the president or on its own initiative, adopt metrics to track operational performance and shall use its best efforts to ensure that the University has the resources and expertise necessary to identify and implement efficiencies. This policy shall be implemented and applied in accordance with such regulations and guidelines as may be adopted by the president consistent with this policy.