The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 12/18/72


Guideline on the Delegation of Authority to Execute Construction Contracts

The "Delegations of Duty and Authority to Boards of Trustees," adopted by the Board of Governors and set forth in the Appendix to The Code, specified in Section VI that each Board of Trustees would exercise authority (subject to any policies of the Board of Governors or any requirements of State law) with respect to selection of architects, approval of building sites, approval of plans and specifications and final acceptance of completed capital construction projects.  The responsibility for execution of construction contracts was not addressed in that delegation, however, and therefore that function is presently a responsibility of the President, within the terms of the budget-execution functions assigned by The Code.  As of December 18, 1972, the President has delegated to each chancellor the authority and responsibility for execution of construction contracts, in conjunction with the performance by the Board of Trustees of its enumerated responsibilities.


[This is a rewrite of Administrative Memorandum #8.]