The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 03/18/96


Guideline on Implementing Improper Relationships Policy


On March 15, 1996, the Board of Governors adopted a policy concerning “Improper Relationships Between Students and Employees” for immediate implementation by all constituent institutions.  The new policy governing relationships between University students and employees identifies and defines a type of misconduct that can result in sanctions, including discharge from employment, against any employee who violates its provisions.  The chancellors are responsible for insuring that both employees and students are effectively informed, on a continuing basis, about the type of misconduct prohibited by this policy; and they must insure that appropriate policies and procedures for receiving, investigating and resolving charges of misconduct are in place.

The revised anti-nepotism policy, separately approved by the Board of Governors, also must be effectively publicized by the chancellors, so that all affected employees will be aware of the broadened definition of “related persons” to whom its restrictions apply.



[This is a rewrite of Administrative Memorandum #360.]