The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 05/11/90

Nursing Education

A report on nursing education by the Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs contained the following recommendations approved by the board:

1.            That the Board of Governors again confirm the President's plan to establish a UNC Nursing Transfer Study Committee to make recommendations for a comprehensive plan to facilitate further the transfer of RNs who do not hold the baccalaureate degree into BSN programs in UNC institutions.  An interim report on the work of this committee is expected in January 1991, and a final report in the spring of 1991;

2.            That the Board of Governors authorize the President to proceed with a special study of assigning to the nursing programs at Winston-Salem State University the special mission of dedicating its resources and facilities entirely to the education of RNs who have graduated from associate degree and diploma programs, and to discontinue the enrollment of generic nursing students.  The President is further authorized to use external consultants in making this study and to report his findings and recommendations to the Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs by December 1990;

3.            That the board affirm the President's proposed policy with respect to passing rates on the licensing examination; (1) a requirement that the President will consider, jointly with the chancellor, an evaluation of the leadership, faculty, admissions policies and the curriculum of any program whose graduates do not achieve for two consecutive years an annual passing rate of 85 percent for first-time writers; and (2) a requirement that the President will ask the board to initiate program termination procedures for any program having a first-time passing rate of less than 75 percent for two consecutive years;

4.            That it be authorized by the Board of Governors, as proposed by the President, to appoint a special subcommittee to consider the relocation of the BSN program at North Carolina Central University to Fayetteville State University to be operated as a joint program with Pembroke State University.  The subcommittee would proceed as indicated in the President's report to make a study, looking first at the availability of facilities, and would report to the Planning Committee during the fall.  The Planning Committee would then report to the board by the end of this year; and

5.            That the board authorize the President to request that the Legislative Commission on Nursing consider the establishment of a graduate fellowship program for North Carolina residents who pursue a master's or doctoral study in nursing in UNC institutions, with particular emphasis given to the recruitment of minority students for these awards.