The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 09/28/22


Regulation on Required Notifications from the

 University of North Carolina System Constituent Institutions


I.             Purpose. The purpose of this regulation is to standardize reporting requirements from UNC System constituent institutions to the UNC System Office when certain serious events occur. UNC System institutions shall immediately provide written notice to the UNC System Office through the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs upon the occurrence of any of the following:


II.         Accreditation:


A.            A change in status to any accreditation, whether programmatic or institutional, including being placed on warning or probation.  For the purposes of this regulation, “accreditation” includes membership in voluntary organizations such as AACSB International.


B.            Notification that any such accreditation is being reviewed, other than regularly scheduled reviews.


C.            The institution, or one of its constituent departments or schools, filing a petition or application for accreditation. Written notice required under this subsection should be provided 60 days prior to the filing of any petition of application for accreditation.


III.           Federal Student Aid:


A.            Notification that Federal Student Aid (FSA) is seeking to limit, suspend, terminate, or fine the institution, pursuant to 34 C.F.R. 668 Subpart G, that FSA is seeking an emergency action against the institution; or that the institution is being placed on any heightened cash-monitoring method of payment from FSA. 


B.            Notification that the Department of Education or FSA, including the Department’s Office of the Inspector General, is auditing, or otherwise investigating the institution.


C.            Any change in the status or terms of the institution’s Title IV Program Participation Agreement (PPA), including the PPA’s expiration or the issuance of a provisional PPA.


IV.          Miscellaneous:


A.            Any loss of authorization to operate in another state, or a postsecondary education licensor of another state putting the institution on probation, warning, or a similar status, including such action being taken by the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) or a state portal entity for NC-SARA.


B.            The institution learning that it has received an unsatisfactory, failing, or similar rating on a compliance survey, risk-based survey, or similar survey conducted by the North Carolina State Approving Agency or the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or that the institution has been or will be suspended or withdrawn from participation in GI Bill funding.


C.            The institution plans to begin a non-degree English language training program. Notification of such plans should be made before listing the non-degree program on an application for any federal program or not fewer than 90 days prior to matriculating students into the program, whichever is earlier. Upon sending this notification, institutions may consider the program to be authorized by the state unless notified otherwise by the System Office.


D.            A state or national professional licensing board notifies the institution that that rate at which its students pass a professional licensing exam is less than fully compliant with that board’s standards, or that the institution may be or is not fully compliant with the board’s standards.