The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 08/05/77

Amended 06/05/24


Regulation on Reporting Misuse of State Property by State Employees


I.          North Carolina General Statute § 143B-1208.6 creates an obligation on State employees who are informed of or have evidence of misuse of State property by a State employee to report that information within three (3) days to the reporting employee's immediate supervisor. The statute further specifies that the information must then be reported to the immediate supervisor's institutional head, and, in turn, the institutional head, within ten (10) days of the employee reporting of the incident, will report the incident to the director of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). Misuse includes such offenses as arson, attempted arson, damage of, theft from, or theft of, or embezzlement from, or embezzlement of, or misuse of any State-owned personal property, building, or other real property.


II.         Each chancellor is appointed to function as institutional head as contemplated under N.C.G.S. § 143B-1208.6. The President's office will administer N.C.G.S. § 143B-1208.6 with respect to the UNC System Office. The chancellor or president may further delegate the role of “institutional head" to one or more parties within their institution.


III.        Incidents must be reported to the SBI on the State Property Incident Reporting Form. The SBI also requests, that in addition to the written report, immediate telephone notification be made to SBI headquarters as soon as such information is available. A copy of any report made by local law enforcement authorities relating to the offense should be forwarded to the SBI.


IV.        Concurrent with filing a report to the SBI, institution heads must provide a copy of the report to the UNC System Office to the attention of the Vice President of Safety and Enterprise Risk Management and the Chief Audit Officer.


V.         Other Matters


A.              Effective Date. The requirements of this regulation will be effective on the date of adoption of this regulation by the president.


B.              Relation to State Laws. The foregoing regulation as adopted by the president is meant to supplement, and does not purport to supplant or modify, those statutory enactments, regulations, and policies which may govern the activities of public officials.


[This is a rewrite of Administrative Memorandum #84.]