The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 01/13/06


Early College High Schools on UNC Campuses

Constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina may enter into a contract with one or more North Carolina school districts to establish an Early College High School.  Such high schools will provide regular high school course work and when college readiness is demonstrated, college-level course work for the Early College High School student.  Students enrolling in college-level course work will have a distinct classification as an Early College High School Student (ECHS) and will not be degree seeking students at the constituent institution.  Upon completion of high school, such students may be admitted as regular degree seeking students subject to the University’s requirements for admission. 

Students participating in an Early College High School will be identified and tracked in the University data system and will be placed in a unique category for Early High School students.

The president is authorized to establish regulations for the implementation of Early College High Schools at constituent institutions.