The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 9/12/03

Technical Corrections 04/25/19


Policy on Delivery of Notices


The Code of the University of North Carolina (The Code) specifies a particular mode of delivery for certain notices sent to affected parties in specified personnel actions. This policy will provide clarification and description of those notice requirements.


In Chapter VI of The Code, in some circumstances, the institution is required to send notice of a personnel action to the affected party by a "method of delivery that requires a signature for delivery."  The following paragraphs describe a proper delivery that would meet the requirements of The Code.


A.           The delivery method must have as a requirement that the deliverer obtain the signature of the affected employee upon delivery.  Such modes include, but are not limited to:  certified mail, registered mail, Federal Express, or another commercial delivery service that obtains a signature.


B.           It is not necessary that the signature actually be obtained as long as the method noted above is used and a signature is requested or sought.


C.           If the signature cannot be obtained, a notation of this fact, the reason therefore if known, and the date of the attempted delivery shall be made and retained in institutional records.


D.           Personal or hand-delivered service is sufficient under paragraph A as along as the deliverer is an employee of the university and is not directly involved in the personnel action at issue, and the deliverer attempts to obtain a signature from the addressee.  If these conditions are met, the delivery is proper and meets The Code requirements. If the deliverer cannot obtain a signature, a notation of this fact, the reason therefore if known, and the date of the attempted delivery shall be made to and retained in institutional records.


E.            For deliveries outside the United States, if no mode of delivery requiring the signature is available, the institution shall make a reasonable effort to utilize a reliable alternative mode, and the date and result of this attempted delivery shall be noted and retained in institutional records. A delivery meeting the requirement of this paragraph will be proper delivery under The Code provisions. 


F.            Each constituent institution shall have a requirement that each employee provide an accurate and current mailing address to appropriate institutional offices.