The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 04/12/91


Standards for Organized Service and Assistance to the Public Schools


Section 7 of House Bill 2335 adopted by the reconvened session of the General Assembly in 1990 provides that:

The Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina shall adopt standards to create and enhance an organized program of public service and technical assistance to the public schools.  This program shall:

1.            Provide systematic access for public schools to consultation and advice available from members of the faculties of the constituent institutions;

2.            Facilitate and encourage research in the public schools and the application of the results of this research;

3.            Link the education faculties of the constituent institutions with public school teachers and administrators through public service requirements for the education faculties; and

4.            Create partnerships among all constituent institutions, their schools or departments of education, and the maximum number of public schools that could benefit from these partnerships.

The constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina shall provide service to the public schools in accordance with the mission of the University to address state needs through teaching, service and research.  The University's commitment to students requires that teaching be the primary responsibility at all constituent institutions.  Although the duties of individual faculty members vary from time to time, all are responsible for performance of service activities at a level which enables the institution to fulfill its teaching and research missions as well as its service mission.

To promote the efforts of the constituent institutions of the University in assisting public schools through appropriate service activities, the Board of Governors calls upon the constituent institutions offering programs for the preparation of school teachers and administrators to establish partnerships with public schools; and, further, the board adopts the following standards:

Standard 1

Each constituent institution offering programs for the preparation of teachers and school administrators shall have a committee on public school services.  The committee shall be named by the chancellor and it shall include at least two members of the education faculty, at least one member of the arts and sciences faculty, two school superintendents, and such other members as may be appropriate.  The committee will advise the dean/chair of education on the fulfillment of service commitments including, but not limited to those described in the standards below.

Standard 2

Each school/department of education shall establish an office of school services to coordinate and encourage service to the public schools.  The office will maintain an inventory of campus resources that could be of service to the public schools through technical assistance or research initiatives.  The office will also disseminate to school districts information on campus resources; receive requests for assistance from school districts; and direct the requests to the appropriate campus resource.

Standard 3

Each school/department of education shall plan and implement annually a program for service to the public schools that describes the service to be rendered, identifies the faculty members who will be involved, and the sources of support for the program.

Standard 4

The University of North Carolina General Administration shall compile a directory of the offices of school services at the constituent institutions and provide the directory to all public school districts.

Standard 5

The chancellor shall report periodically to the University of North Carolina General Administration on the service and technical assistance provided to the public schools.