The UNC Policy Manual

Licensing Post-Secondary Degree Activity


The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 100.1 -The Code

Section 800



800 A.   Institutions Required to Be Licensed.

All institutions conducting post-secondary degree activity in this state that are not subject to Chapters 115C or 115D of the General Statutes, nor some section of Chapter 116 of the General Statutes other than G.S. 116-15, shall be subject to licensure by the Board of Governors under the standards of G.S. 116-15 unless exempt therefrom by one or another provision of G.S. 116-15. [See G.S. 116-15]

800 B.   Regulatory Authority in the Board.

The Board of Governors shall establish such rules, regulations, and procedures as it may deem necessary or appropriate to effectuate the provisions of G.S. 116-15. [See G.S. 116-15(i)] These shall include the following:

(1)           The form of the license by which an institution may be authorized to conduct post-secondary degree activity. [See G.S. 116-15(a) and (b)]

(2)          Procedures under which an institution may seek to establish its exemption from licensure. [See G.S. 116-15(c), (d), and (e)]

(3)          Procedures under which an institution may seek to prove satisfaction of the standards for licensure. [See G.S. 116-15(f)]

(4)          Procedures through which the review of institutions previously licensed by the board may be conducted. [See G.S. 116-15(g)]

(5)          Procedures for the denial, revocation, and continuation of licensure. [See G.S. 116-15(h)]

800 C.   Enforcement Authority in the Attorney General.

The Board of Governors shall call to the attention of the attorney general, for such action as the attorney general may deem appropriate, any institution failing to comply with the requirements of G.S. 116-15. [See G.S. 116-15(j)]