The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 300

  • 300.2.2
    Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Affecting Fculty and Non-Faculty EPA Employees (Replaced with version Amended 06/15/12)
  • 300.2.6[G]
    Guidelines on Reassignment of Duties of Faculty Members (See Renamed version titled "Guidelines on Reassigned Time for Faculty")
  • 300.2.12[R]
    Regulations on Interpreting the 2003 Appropriations Act (Repealed 09/14/05)
  • 300.5.3
    Interpretation of Policy on Political Activities of Employees
  • 300.5.4
    Leaves of Absence for Appointive Office
  • 300.5.5
    Endorsement of Candidates for Political Office by Senior Administrators
  • 300.5.6[G]
    Guidelines on General Assembly Candidacy and Membership
  • 300.6.1
    External Professional Activities of Facullty and Other Professional Staff (Repealed 08/12/05; See Policy Manual Section 300.2.2)
  • 300.6.1.1[R]
    Regulations on External Professional Activities and Honoraria (Repealed 08/12/05; See 300.2.2.2[R])
  • 300.6.1.2[G]
    Guidance on External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff (Repealed 08/12/05; See Policy Manual Section 300.2.2.1[R])
  • 300.7.3
    Implementation of Phased Retirement Program (Repealed 02/11/05)
  • 300.7.3.1[G]
    Guidelines on Initiation of Phased Retirement Program (Repealed 09/25/07)
  • 300.2.4[R]
    Regulations on Approval of Academic Personnel Actions