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Tuition and Fees

N.C.G.S. 116-143 requires that the Board of Governors set the tuition and fee rates, not inconsistent with the actions of the General Assembly, at the constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. The 2016 General Assembly enacted a new guaranteed tuition program that fixes tuition rates for first-time full-time resident undergraduates and new transfer students that remain continuously enrolled for eight consecutive semesters or the equivalent number of remaining semesters for transfer students (program began in fall of 2016). The new resident undergraduate tuition rates for 2019-20 will only apply to the cohort of students that enroll in the fall of 2019. Additionally, the General Assembly capped mandatory student fee increases (including debt service fees) to three percent per year.

The 2016 General Assembly also created the NC Promise Tuition Plan for three campuses, which began in fall of 2018. The tuition rate of $500 per academic semester will be charged to resident undergraduate students at Elizabeth City State University, UNC Pembroke, and Western Carolina University. There is also a provision for the tuition rate of $2,500 per academic semester to be charged to nonresident undergraduate students.


2020-21 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 
(Approved on May 20, 2020)


2020-21 Graduate Tuition and Fees
(Approved on May 20, 2020)

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