Jennifer Haygood
Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer | 919-962-4600
Jennifer serves as the chief financial officer and is responsible for the financial affairs of the UNC System and the finance and business affairs of the UNC System Office. In this role, she has primary responsibility for the development and execution of the UNC System’s unified budget, tuition and fees, capital construction, real estate, debt management, human resources, information technology, investments, efficiency and effectiveness initiatives, economic and financial analysis, and the business services of the System Office. She reports to the president of the University and works collaboratively with the UNC Board of Governors, key executives within NC State Government, UNC System Office staff, and Chief Financial Officers from the unique seventeen institutions of the University of North Carolina to accomplish strategic financial and operational priorities.

Angelisa Riggsbee
Executive Assistant to the Senior VP for Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer | 919-962-4607

Angelisa serves as the executive assistant to the Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer. Responsibilities include maintaining the SVP’s calendar; scheduling of meetings, events, and travel; and provides other administrative support as required. She also coordinates the agenda and related items for the Committee on Budget and Finance of the UNC Board of Governors; preparing minutes of meetings, and communicating information regarding actions taken by the Board to the UNC System institutions.

Brandy Andrews
Vice President for University Finance | 919-445-1320
Brandy serves as the Vice President for University Finance who leads and manages staff focused on the system-level financial management of the University. The position works collaboratively with all UNC System Office divisions and the 17 constituent institutions in the UNC System to accomplish strategic University priorities. The position works across functional areas to enhance alignment and effectiveness of system-level financial reporting, planning, and analysis; operating budget development and execution; tuition and fee development; business process compliance; and strategic sourcing activities.

Bethany Baron
Financial Analyst

Bethany supports the tuition and fees process, the all-funds budget process, and the system strategic financial metrics. She provides financial and policy analysis on special projects for financial planning and analysis and manages the finance reports for the Finance Data Mart.

Aubrey Clark-Brown
Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis | 919-962-4605

Aubrey is responsible for managing the annual tuition and fees process. He manages the enrollment funding model and supports the UNC System Finance Data Mart. The Financial Planning and Analysis team also supports the system’s ad hoc financial planning needs.

Owen Cooks
Director of Campus Planning and Space Utilization | 919-843-0185

Owen is responsible for coordination of systemwide campus planning and maintaining a systemwide facilities database, as well as property acquisitions and dispositions and related processes and procedures. He collaborates with the institutions on space utilization, facilities condition and utilization, and planning initiatives.

Karen Copeland
CAD Technician | Offsite

Karen supports the Space Utilization and Analysis staff using CAD to produce accurate measurements of new and renovated structures listed on the DAVE data collection system. She also converts old hard copy blueprints to electronic drawings for campuses in the UNC System and the 58 Community College System.

Daphne Dow
Finance and Capital Data Analyst | 919-962-4604

Daphne is working on aligning the State Property Office, Department of Insurance, and UNC System Office building databases. In addition, she works with each UNC System institution to identify the proper designation of appropriated (built with state funds) or non-appropriated (built with receipt/student fee funds).

Cliff Flood
Special Projects Analyst and Business Process Lead for General Accounting and Capital Projects
| 919-624-4371
Cliff is responsible for (1) developing and maintaining the Assessment of Internal Control over Financial Reporting requirements, various accounting and reporting procedural guidance, and updates to the General Accounting and Capital Asset Business Process Standards and related KPIs, (2) meetings with the controllers and program advisory team, (3) providing training and updates, and (4) monitoring compliance.

Heather Hummer
Business Compliance Program Manager | 919-843-0342

Heather works with the Vice President of University Finance, business process consultants, and campus and System Office business process points of contact to enhance and communicate standards and best practices for key topics. She also coordinates institutional training opportunities and ensures consistent and reliable reporting of Key Performance Indicators.

Matt Johnson
Facilities Maintenance Technician | 919-843-2754

Matt is responsible for facility management and maintenance at the Center for Leadership Development (CSLD) office building and grounds at the CSLD building. His responsibilities include managing the building and grounds, cleaning crew scheduling, front desk, and event support. He is also responsible for maintenance and special requests/repairs for the UNC System President’s Residence.

David Kopplin
Assistant Vice President for Debt Management | 919-843-4513

David’s primary responsibilities are for ongoing debt management among the statewide UNC System institutions, including debt capacity, financial analysis of bonds and bond payments, and performing calculations relating to bond issuance. He is also responsible for the annual system-wide debt capacity study.

Katherine Lynn
Vice President for Finance and Capital Planning | 919-962-2790
Katherine is responsible for the facility, construction, and capital planning programs within the University System and serves as a resource for the constituent institutions regarding facilities maintenance and operations. Other responsibilities include capital planning; budget development and execution; planning, design, and construction of capital facilities; real estate and property matters; space utilization and facilities management, sustainability and HUB initiatives; and energy management.

Jeanine Rose
UNC System Capital Budget and HUB Coordinator | 919-445-1329

Jeanine supports the capital budget revision process for both the University of North Carolina and the System Office. She also serves as the UNC System liaison for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) program. Other responsibilities include assisting with capital improvement projects management, construction and design administration, energy management, environmental matters, physical plant operations, web-based advertisements, and preparation of items for the BOG Committee on Budget and Finance.

Gordon Rutherford
University Architect Emeritus | 919-962-0462

Gordon’s primary responsibilities include CM at Risk construction method and design and construction management of the System Office projects.

Daniel Sater
Senior Finance and Budget Analyst, Finance | 919-843-6737
Daniel is responsible for providing programmatic, policy, and fiscal analysis to support the development of a single recommended state budget for the entire System and its institutions, including soliciting and evaluating campus budget requests and developing allocations.

Robert Stollberg
Senior Finance and Policy Analyst | 919-843-6737
Rob is responsible for providing fiscal, economic, and statistical modeling, and policy research and analysis on various program areas, including higher education finance, tuition and fees, enrollment, performance metrics, financial aid, and other areas.

Miriam Tripp
Director of Capital Planning | 919-962-4611
Miriam is responsible for managing the capital budget process and advises university personnel in capital planning, budgeting, and architectural/engineering services, construction management, and related processes and procedures. She collaborates with the institutions on energy, sustainability, and HUB participation initiatives.

Business Affairs

Kim Van Metre
Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs | 919-827-8506

Kim is responsible for overall internal facing financial operations including accounting/cash management, financial reporting, procurement/supplier management, sponsored programs and the UNC Business Process Compliance Program.

Jaymie Glover
Business Officer | 919-445-1347
Jaymie manages processes within Business Affairs, making her the subject matter expert (SME) for various accounting, budget, and procurement procedures. In addition, she provides accounting team support and administrative assistance.

Melinda Black
Accounting Technician | 919-445-0775
Melinda supports day-to-day general accounting and disbursement functions.  She is responsible for administering accounts payable (voucher review/approval and payment) creating outbound transfers via the NC Financial System, and travel reimbursements.

Valerie Crickard
Director of Sponsored Programs | 919-843-0270

Valerie is responsible for the sponsored programs portfolio at the UNC System Office including administrative and financial compliance. She is also responsible for execution of day-to-day post-award operations.

Daniel Dryer
Director of University Financial Reporting | 919-228-8486

Daniel is responsible for UNC System-wide financial reporting, the University System Office’s required financial reports, ConnectCarolina system maintenance and query development/deployment.

Nuray Eksen
Accounting Manager | 919-445-1322
Nuray oversees the accounting team and is responsible for management of general accounting operations including accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and tax compliance.

Jacob Falkiewicz
Senior Sponsored Research Administrator | 919-445-1321

Jacob is responsible for post award management of sponsored awards while being a backup for pre-award management. Jacob works with the PIs at the System Office concerning financial questions or requests to the sponsors such as no cost extensions, he helps in implementing Smart Sheets in the Office of Sponsored Projects for closeout of projects and subrecipient monitoring.

Scott Ganas
Systems Accountant | 984-999-2040

Scott’s responsibilities include main contact for departmental workflows, system access requests for InfoPorte and ConnectCarolina, any technical issues related to the financial systems, and maintains the website.

Angela Glaspie
Budget Analyst | 919-843-2720
Angela is responsible for the System Office’s four operating budget codes and non-general fund budgets and maintaining the position database for personnel management within the System Office.  She is also responsible for all budget execution and management within the System Office ERP system [PeopleSoft]. She is a trusted source of information and guidance to the core business contacts within the System Office organization.

Chloe Gossage
Director of Budget | 919-445-1324

Chloe directs the development and execution of the System Office operating and capital budgets, as well as budgets for non-general fund non-sponsored research.

Melaina Hall
Purchasing Manager | 919-843-5163

Melaina serves as the UNC System Office Purchasing Manager for internal business. Primary responsibilities include managing the enterprise’s purchasing operations, including review/approval of purchase orders for compliance with state regulations and accurate entry in ConnectCarolina, motor fleet vehicles operations, P-Card program and American Express corporate card program and telecommunication equipment repairs and integration services.

Ratna Jena
Financial Analyst/Endowment Analyst | 919-962-4652

Ratna is responsible for month-end close, completion of monthly bank reconciliations, and tracking daily cash balances via the NC Financial System. Other responsibilities involve serving as lead for assessment of internal controls over financial reporting (ACIFR) and support for day-to-day general accounting functions.

Kevin Lloyd
Accountant | 919-843-5164
Kevin is primarily responsible for the accounts payable function and University tax withholding (1099/1042), supporting the day-to-day general accounting processes and disbursement functions.  Duties include monitoring vouchers for withholding/reporting purposes, creating outbound transfers via the NC Financial System, voucher review/approval and payment, and Concur Travel System oversight.

Quita Loflin
Director of Accounting and Controller | 919-962-4243
Quita directs the full scope of accounting operations for the UNC System Office including providing oversight of month, quarter and year-end cycles, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and treasury/allotment functions, tax compliance, escheats, and other related reporting. She is also engaged with UNC System Institutions through the Controllers Work Group and the general Accounting/Financial Reporting Advisory Group for the UNC Business Process Compliance Program.

Bob Myers
Purchasing and Contract Analyst | 919-962-3128
Bob manages the RFP process from RFP creation through award for most System Office RFPs. He also reviews and edits procurement documents and advises University personnel regarding procurement issues.

Preksha Patel
Accountant | 919-962-4241
Preksha is primarily responsible for the accounts receivable function, supporting the day-to-day general accounting processes. Duties include processing daily deposits and NC Financial System transfers, invoicing for System Office shared/distributed services, functions around pay cycle funding and payroll payment processes, and core banking transactions.

Tenora Simonez
Senior Sponsored Research Administrator | 919-843-5187

Tenora is responsible for all pre-award administration of contract and grant awards, and provides guidance on research administration for System Office, constituent institutions, private universities, and non-profit entities.

Shirl Smith
Purchase Specialist | 919-962-3355

Shirl serves as the System Office’s supplier coordinator. Her primary responsibilities include review/approval of all new supplier set up requests in ConnectCarolina and reviewing supplier documentation for appropriate tax classification. Shirl administers motorfleet vehicle registration, the Bank of America Pcard monthly reconciliation process and the American Express Corporate Card program, as well as processing Purchasing related transactions in ConnectCarolina.

Robby Terry
Director of University Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing | 919-962-4656

Robby serves as a subject matter expert for state procurement regulations and processes, strategic sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis. He also facilitates collaborative efforts between the UNC System Office, constituent institutions, affiliates, state agencies, and the state’s Division of Purchase and Contract on all purchase and contracting activities for the University.

Hedi Vo
Accounting Technician | 919-962-4016

Hedi is responsible for the billing process for System Office shared/distributed services. She supports day-to-day general accounting processes and accounts receivable functions, journal entry processing, and general ledger reconciliation and month-end close.

Megan Wallace
Financial Analyst | 919-843-5183

Megan is responsible for preparing UNC System-wide financial reports, preparing UNC System Office’s financial reports, and reviewing & maintaining internal policy. She also facilitates collaborative efforts between the UNC System Office, constituent institutions, affiliates, and state agencies to address financial reporting issues.