Academic Affairs Staff

David J. English, Ph.D.
Acting Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs | 919-962-2620 

Beth Sanders
Executive Assistant | 919-962-4614

Cassandra Jones
Business Officer | 919-962-4614

Hallie Knuffman
Vice President for Academic Initiatives | 919-445-1333   

Academic and Regulatory Affairs

Daniel Harrison, J.D.
Vice President for Academic and Regulatory Affairs | 919-962-2676

Mandy Dough
Academic Programs Learning Specialist | 919-962-7049

Jennifer Gerz-Escandón, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Programs & Research | 919-265-9232

Charlene Lee
Licensure & State Authorizations Program Specialist | 919-962-4558

Giana Malak
Director of Academic Planning and Analysis | 919-962-4544

Heather McCullough, Ph.D.
Director of Learning and Technology | 919-962-6981

Mary Ellen McMillan
Academic Programs Specialist | 919-962-3542

Kaity McNeill
Assistant Vice President, Higher Education and Regulatory Affairs | 919-962-4550

Rondall Rice, Ph.D.
Executive Director for Academic and Regulatory Affairs | 919-843-4962

Michelle Solér, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Programs | 919-966-3202

Allison Stockweather
Director of Environmental Health and Safety, NC Research Campus | 704-250-5056

Tisha Wallace
Director of Research Information Systems | 919-843-5100

Student Affairs

Bethany Meighen, Ed.D.  
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs | 919-843-6744

Stephanie Bailey
Project Coordinator, Credential As You Go (CAYG) | 919-962-4907

Suzie Baker, Ed.D.
Director of Student Affairs | 919-962-6065

Christopher Bouzane
Behavioral Health Programs Associate

Ulisa E Bowles
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs | 919-843-8941

Jami Dawkins
Transfer Coordinator | 919-962-6065

Eric Fotheringham, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, Transfer Student Success and Partnerships | 919-843-6967

Kelley Greer
Behavioral Health Programs Consultant

Lydia Mayer
Program Specialist | 919-962-4623

Kimberly Mitchell
Director for Student Development and Association of Student Government Advisor | 919-445-0494

Kristen Moran
Behavioral Health Programs Specialist

Wesley Armstrong
Director of Financial Operations and Technology | 919-445-1345

The University of North Carolina Press

John Sherer  
Spangler Family Director | 919-962-3748  

The North Carolina Arboretum

George Briggs  
Executive Director | 828-665-2492

The North Carolina Research Campus

Cory Brouwer, Ph.D.  
Executive Director of Research, NC Research Campus | 704-687-8357