As set forth by the UNC System Quality Matters (QM) Council, the objective of the Systemwide Quality Matters (QM) program is to guide participating institutions and faculty through the successful implementation and sustainable broad-scale online, hybrid and remote course quality. The UNC System Learning and Technology Department supports the QM Council and the broader QM program by:

  • Providing leadership and funding for a Systemwide QM membership which reduces individual institution membership fees by over 50%
  • Establishing, leading and funding targeted faculty QM development initiatives aimed at increasing Systemwide QM training and certification skillsets in support of creating a scalable QM program

Today, all 17 UNC System institutions, and over 3,000 faculty, participate in the QM program through various online support tools and training events offered across our the System and by the QM organization.

QM from the faculty perspective

UNC System faculty who have adopted the QM methodology to enhance the quality of their online, hybrid and remote learning courses identify several key factors to their success, including:

  • QM enables a course design environment that fosters creativity
  • The QM rubrics and tools support and guide efficient transition to online and remote learning
  • The QM methodology supports proactive course design to address elements of accessibility, assessment, enhanced engagement, and student support

Play the video above to learn more about why faculty across the UNC System are adopting the QM methodology.

How to Get involved with the QM community

Create a Free QM Account and Access Course Design and Training Resources

Create a MyQM account to start using the Quality Matters resources available through the UNC System-wide QM contract.

Go to MyQM:

  1. Input your institutional email address 
  2. Select “No, I am new here”
  3. Select Sign In

Contact Your Regional or Campus QM Coordinator

Regional Representatives serve as liaisons between institutional QM Coordinators, the UNC System QM Council, and the System Office. They ensure timely communication of Systemwide QM program information to their respective regional institutions and advocate for the interests of the same within the Council. QM Coordinators work with faculty to apply the QM methodology to their online, hybrid and remote courses and implement institution-specific faculty QM development plans.

Region 1 – North East

Regional Coordinator: Andrew Horne, ECU
CampusName & Email
ECUAndrew Horne (
Percevial Murphy (
Sarah Williams (
ECSUKim Stevenson (
Tina Gregory (

Region 2 – Southeast | Region 4 – Sandhills

Regional Coordinator: TBD
CampusName & Email
FSUBonnie Grohe (
Shuntá Hailey (
Janes Heard (
Claudette Fuller (
UNCPTerry Locklear (
UNCWZach Morgan (
Sheri Conklin (

Region 3 – North Central

Regional Coordinator: Bethanne Tobey, NCSU
CampusName & Email
NCCURacheal Brooks (
Kimberly McGhee (
Tyheshia Martin (
NCSSMRobert Caldwell (
NCSUBethanne Tobey (
David Howard (
Arlene Mendoza-Moran (
UNC-CHGigi Dillon (

Region 5 – Piedmont/Triad | Region 6 – Southwest

Regional Coordinator: Dean Adams, UNCC
CampusName & Email
NCA&TTracie Lewis (
UNCCDean Adams (
Enoch Park (
UNCGChris Dunst (
Nathan Myers (
WSSUBart Ganzert (
Wanda White (

Region 7 – Northwest | Region 8 – Western

Regional Coordinator: Rachel Clark, ASU
CampusName & Email
ASURachel Clark (
Emory Maiden (
Tom Van Gilder (
UNCALyndi Hewitt (
WCUEli Collins-Brown (

UNC System Office

Learning and Technology:

Review the Quality Matters Resources for Faculty

As System Subscribers to the Quality Matters program, all UNC System faculty have access to these helpful resources:

About the UNC System QM Council

The council focuses on providing helpful resources to our institutions, as well as efficient and affordable ways of conducting online course reviews.

QM Council Co-chairs

Racheal Brooks, Ph.D., NCCU

Enoch Park, Ed.D., UNCC

Functional Representatives

Bethanne Tobey, M.S.
Course Review Coordinator
David Howard, Ph.D.
Finance Coordinator
Reema Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
Technology Coordinator
Zak Jouaibi, Ph.D.
Professional Development Coordinator
Laurie Miles, Ph.D.
Shuntá Hailey Gregory
Faculty/Admin Liaison
Sheri Conklin, Ph.D.
Quality Matters Research Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Robert Caldwell
K-12 Coordinator

2022 UNC System Quality Matters Leadership Awardee

Ron Legon Leadership Award for Quality Digital Education

Enoch Park, Ed.D., UNCC

2020 UNC System Quality Matters Leadership Awardees

Directors’ Award for Exceptional Service Representing Higher Education

Racheal Brooks, Ph.D., NCCU

Making a Difference for Students

Bethanne Tobey, M.S., NCSU