The UNC System’s Division of Academic Affairs serves the University’s core academic mission to discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge that addresses the needs of individuals and society. The division’s work focuses on ensuring that teaching and instruction, research and scholarship, and service and engagement are of the highest quality. Academic Affairs enables and inspires excellence in academic initiatives across the UNC System, while also respecting and promoting the distinctive character and mission of each institution.

Academic Affairs comprises two departments: Academic and Regulatory Affairs and Student Affairs. The division is also responsible for the oversight of the North Carolina Research Campus is Kannapolis and the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville. The Spangler Family Director of The University of North Carolina Press also reports to this division.

Academic and Regulatory Affairs

The Academic and Regulatory Affairs department collaborates with UNC System institutions to shape future academic programs, faculty development, and research across the state.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs department works closely with leadership, faculty, and staff at UNC System institutions to foster Systemwide, data-driven strategies for enhancing student success, access, and financial aid.

Faculty Fellowship Program

The Academic Affairs Faculty Fellowship Program engages interested faculty in academic affairs issues and mentored learning opportunities to promote the effectiveness of the UNC System Office and the UNC System’s constituent institutions.