The Umstead Review Panel was established by North Carolina General Statute § 66-58 (G.S.), requiring the UNC Board of Governors to institute a panel that would determine whether the University may undertake an activity in competition with an existing or proposed nongovernmental entity based upon the activities inclusion in one of three categories outlined by G.S. 66-58(b)(8), subsections m., n., and o., which state the following:

(m.) Activities that serve students or employees of the University or members of the immediate families or guests of students or employees.

(n.) Activities that provide University-related services or market University-related merchandise to alumni of the University and members of their immediate families.

(o.) Activities that enable the community in which the constituent institution or other University entity is located, or the people of the State to utilize the University’s facilities, equipment, or expertise.

The panel is empowered to make a determination as to whether any ongoing activity in which the University is engaged constitutes unfair or unauthorized competition.

Review Panel Policy and Procedures

The University maintains an email list for the Umstead Review Panel. Interested parties may subscribe to the list to receive information about the panel’s proceedings, meeting minutes, and determinations.

For campus submission of an issue, please visit the intranet page.

Umstead Review Panel Determinations

Umstead Review Panel

MemberAppointment ByDate AppointedTerm Ends
Michael CoxPresident Pro Tempore 7.1.2020 6.30.2024
Jack L. CozortOffice of the Governor,
Boards and Commissions
Brian S. Edlin Office of the Speaker 9.2.20216.30.2025
Melissa Ross Matton Office of the Speaker 9.2.2021 6.30.2025
Elizabeth E. SpainhourOffice of the Governor,
Boards and Commissions
Nathan WillisPresident Pro Tempore7.1.20206.30.2024
VacantBoard of Governors
Vacant Board of Governors

Vacant Board of Governors