We are extremely delighted to have you join us virtually at the 2021 UNC System Advancement Symposium on June 2 and 3.  We are excited that this year’s host campus is UNC Chapel Hill. Please check out our official website for all things about the virtual symposium including agenda, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, etc.

The 2021 UNC System Advancement Virtual Symposium promises to be another rewarding professional development opportunity that is sure to benefit you and enhance your professional development. 

As you will explore our agenda, we have two great plenary sessions planned for you.  John Glier, CEO of GG+A will present right after the grand opening and welcome on June 2.  Pierre Quinn, The Cardell Group will present at the opening plenary on June 3.  Please don’t miss their plenary sessions.  We also have six tracked breakout sessions with multiple concurrent topics for different advancement tracks planned for you.  All of our speakers are either our homegroup peers or national speakers in the advancement field.  Please come prepare to learn. 

In addition, we have allotted several networking opportunities for you to connect with your peers, presenters, and sponsors.  You can invite them for a video chat simply by locating their names from the attendee tab.  

Finally, UNC Chapel Hill has prepared us a virtual reception at 3 p.m. on June 2.  It is an event open for all of our attendees.  Please come have fun time networking with everyone! 

We look forward to learn, engage, and network with all of you in a safe and fun virtual environment.