Resources and Support

The Digital Learning Initiative provides resources and support by leveraging the expertise of faculty throughout the UNC System. Support is offered in the form of faculty development through workshops, webinars, and a yearly in-person symposium. In addition, DLI curates and provides online resources to help all faculty members enhance digital and hybrid course delivery.

Faculty Development

Through collaborative activities and events, the office helps faculty and staff discover new and innovative models of online and hybrid education.

Workshop: Designing Effective Online Courses

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Webinar Series

Each webinar will share relevant updates from the System Office, best practices found across the System, an outside speaker, insights into new technologies, and, occasionally, opportunities for us to have deeper discussions on a specific topic or research area. We are open to your suggestions and welcome your proposals to present on topics of interest to the community. 

Webinars are presented the fourth Friday of every month at 11:00 am. Visit Webinar Series for a list of upcoming speakers and archives.

Lunch and Learn Series

Facilitated by our Associate Faculty Fellows, the DEOC Lunch & Learns are designed to explore specific digital tools and pedagogical techniques that help us to enhance our online teaching. Workshop topics included ADA compliance, engagement through play, and facilitating Zoom discussions.

Quality Matters

The UNC System Quality Matters Council represents all UNC System institutions that utilize the national Quality Matters rubric. The council focuses on providing helpful resources to our institutions, as well as efficient and affordable ways of conducting online course reviews.

Effective Practices: Moving to Alternative Instructional Formats

This resource is intended to provide assistance to faculty who need to move their classes online quickly. It is designed to support the use of technology that allows faculty to hold classes when circumstances prevent them from physically meeting with students.

We have tried to strike the right balance between providing the bare essentials to avoid overwhelming those who are new to online teaching and providing enough detail to help them ramp up to online teaching quickly and efficiently.

We will try to be responsive to additional requests from the university community. The current document and updated versions can be found below in native Word format, for easy use and remix, and as a PDF. 

Teams from across the UNC System have quickly mobilized and come together to contribute to “Moving to Alternative Instructional Formats.” Without them, this resource could not have been created. The end of this document offers special recognition and thanks to the people who went above and beyond to make this happen, including, the Faculty Assembly, the Faculty and Academic Development Center Directors, Distance Education Directors, and the Digital Learning Community. 

DLI Symposium 2022

The Symposium scheduled for March 22 & 23, 2022 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill has been postponed.

Right to the Point Video Series

The Digital Learning team is pleased to announce a new resource for the UNC System Community…the “Right to the Point” video series.  The videos, created by our Associate Faculty Fellows and directed by Faculty Fellow Dr. Ellen Pearson, are short, usually two minutes, but rarely more than five, that are narrowly focused on a single education problem of practice and their technological and pedagogical solutions.


UNC Course Collections

The UNC Course Collections were curated by faculty teams from across the UNC System during Summer 2020 to support and enhance both face-to-face and online instruction. Each collection complements a high-demand course commonly offered across most UNC System institutions. 

Visit the UNC Course Collections.

Free Learning Technology, Wireless Access, and OER

In response to higher education’s increased need to access learning technology, open educational resources (OER), and access services (e.g. wireless, internet) due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many corporations and service providers are offering free or significantly discounted pricing for educators and students as they transition to remote education. EDUCAUSE, working with higher education institutions across the United States and abroad, maintains an exhaustive list of these offerings.

We encourage you to review all three tabs included in this list: Technology, OER, and Access Service Offerings. DLI staff regularly access and contribute to this growing list to enhance its usability and accuracy. 

If you would like to add an organization, please email with a link to the relevant web page for higher education institutions to contact the organization.

Language Exchange

The UNC Language Assembly provides the universities in the UNC System with a professional platform aimed at facilitating the sharing of faculty and instructional resources to enhance-foreign language instruction and to support the various foreign and classical language studies programs in North Carolina. 

Visit the Language Exchange.

University of North Carolina Common Numbering System (UNC-CNS)

At its December 17, 2020 meeting, the UNC Board of Governors approved the following amendment to UNC Policy 400.1.5 Policy on Fostering Undergraduate Student Success:

The UNC System Office shall, in consultation with faculty and staff from the constituent institutions, establish and maintain a common course numbering system for undergraduate lower division courses, which shall be mapped to the unique course numbers used at each respective institution of higher education.

The president shall approve regulations to describe and implement this common undergraduate course numbering system, which shall be established and operational by the 2022-23 academic year.

Visit the UNC- CNS page for further details.