Program Management Office (PMO)

The Program Management team coordinates projects, products, and programs for the UNC System’s suite of information products.  

The PMO mission is to deliver the most efficient, effective solutions to UNC System information needs. Projects that run through the PMO include those that move data, create new data, or organize existing data into new views of information. Examples include data warehouses, data acquisition and provisioning, and analytics platform growth and development.

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Production Systems

Finance Data Mart (FDM) – In production since 2020, the UNC Finance Data Mart presents general financial information for the UNC System. Data are supplied by constituent institutions, mapping from institution-specific chart of accounts (COA) structures into a System-wide organization of data. The FDM is the largest project funded by the Data Modernization and Integration (DMI) program.

Insight – In production since 2017, Insight is UNC’s analytics platform offering cloud data storage, reporting and visualization, and data science services.

Student Data Mart (SDM) – In production since 2015, the UNC Student Data Mart presents student, course, instructor and related data for the UNC System.  Data is supplied by constituent institutions. The data collected support not only mandatory education reporting requirements but also planning, analysis, and assessment efforts at the central (System Office) and institutional levels.

Reverse Transfer – In production since 2014, the Reverse Transfer system provides NC community colleges transcript data and course equivalencies for students who attended an NC community college and who may qualify for associate’s degree through UNC System coursework.

Human Resources Data Mart (HRDM) – In production since 2011, the UNC Human Resources Data Mart provides faculty and staff data for UNC institutions and the System Office.  Data collected support mandatory HR reporting and more detailed analysis and assessment.

UNC Online – In production since 2007, UNC Online offers a robust search of Web-based courses, course equivalencies, and degree programs from all UNC institutions.  Students in the System can take advantage of integrated course registration between UNC universities and a network of exam proctors.