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 Institution NC State University 
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 Project Name Steam Tunnel Structure Repairs 
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NC State Universty has a series of 11 interconnected underground tunnels totaling approximately 1 mile in length that house steam and high pressure condensate piping that provide heat and process loads for campus offices, laboratory, and classroom buildings. The tunnels are made of concrete and are in need of various repairs. The project will make repairs for the following conditions: 1. Spalls and delaminations without corroded rebar; 2. Spalls and delaminations with corroded rebar; 3. Spot treatment of rebar with zero inch cover; 4. Epoxy crack sealing by pressure injection; 5. Reinforcing of walls and ceilings that are showing deterioration and total failure; and, 6. Excavation of approximately 110 LF of tunnel to construct a new concrete tunnel that will surround the existing tunnel.
 Main Contact for Submission Campus Contact 
 Name of Design Firm Dewberry 
 Design Firm Contact Name Emmett Simons 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 424-3742 
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 CM at Risk Firm Name Not Applicable 
 CM at Risk Firm Email Not Applicable 
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 Due Date 01/26/2018 
 Due Time 5:00 pm 
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Steven R. Bostian, PE North Carolina State University Capital Project Management Administrative Services III Building 2701 Sullivan Drive Raleigh, NC 27695-7520 Please go to the NC State University webpage for further information. The electronic pre-qualification file will be available on or after January 4, 2018 by contacting Steven Bostian, the NC State Project Manager at 919-515-8059 or via email at