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 Institution NC Central University 
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 Project Name James E. Shepard Memorial Library - West Wing Renovation 
 Type of Services Architectural/Engineering 
 Project Manager Tim Williams 
 Phone Number (919) 530-6824 
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 Closing Date 02/04/2019 
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This project is a continuation of the Renovation Project of the James E. Shepard Memorial Library-west wing of the second and third floors which, includes a total 22,792 +/- square feet. The scope of work shall include: Engaging the services of a Designer to make all selections of the interior furnishings that will have electrical power capabilities to allow students to plug in their electronic devices and collaborate in groups settings as needed. The Designer shall select the color palettes for all the furnishings, walls colors, carpet tiles and patterns that will blend in with the existing conditions. The Designer shall also create a set of design working documents and specifications which will include electrical power, IT Data and Interior finishes that can be competitively bid through a General Contractor. The Designer shall conduct University stakeholder's meetings and on-site inspections of all final products and conditions. All design working documents and specifications will be reviewed by the State Construction Office for Life Safety/Code Compliance. All inquiries shall provide qualifications on a current SF-330 document to North Carolina Central University, Capital Projects Management, Hubbard-Totton Building, Room #113A, 1801 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina 27707 by the 3:00PM on February 7, 2019. Please provide (1) SF-330 electronically by email for our review and shortlisting process.
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North Carolina Central University Tim Williams, Architectural Project Manager Capital Projects Management Hubbard-Totton Building, Room# 113-A 1801 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina 27707 Office: 919-530-6824 Mobile: 919-452-3382 Email:

In order to offer architectural or engineering services in response to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina.