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 Institution UNC Charlotte 
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 Project Name East Village Infrastructure 
 Project Manager Brian Kugler 
 Phone Number (704) 687-0522 
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 Pre-Bid Date 10/04/2017 
 Pre-Bid Time 10:00 am 
 Pre-proposal Location Room 341, Cone University Center, on the UNC Charlotte campus (#5 on the campus map - 
 Closing Date 10/18/2017 
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This project will realign John Kirk Drive and Cameron Blvd on and adjacent to the UNC Charlotte campus near Highway 49. The scope of work also includes a new signalized intersection at the East Entrance into campus, signalized improvements at Hwy 49 & John Kirk Drive, new landscaped center medians, sidewalks, landscaping, and pedestrian lighting. The CMR will provide preconstruction services to assist the University and design team in planning utility relocates for the project. It is anticipated that the utility relocates will begin 9 -12 months prior to actual roadway construction and will be managed by the CMR. Construction Documents are planned be completed and approved by October 2018. CMR will be responsible for prequalification of contractors, bidding etc. for the project as any standard SCO CMR contract. SCO will not be providing a state monitor for the project, but will require electrical inspections on University property. Construction for the project will begin in early 2019 with an estimated 12-month construction period. Final inspections will be completed by CDOT and NCDOT for work completed in their respective Right-of-Ways. The CMR will be required to coordinate construction activities with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), and City of Charlotte (COC).
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Attn: Ms. Joyce Clay Facilities Management - Capital Projects The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 9201 University City Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28223-0001