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 Institution UNC - Chapel Hill Health Affairs 
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 Project Name Renovations to the 5th Floor of the Taylor Building for Virology Core Lab 
 Name of Design Firm Lord Aeck Sargent 
 Design Firm Contact Name Craig Cabrey 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 913-2682 
 Design Firm Email CCarbrey@lordaecksargent.com 
 Campus Contact Email aedean@fac.unc.edu 
 Pre-Bid Date 05/15/2019 
 Pre-Bid Time 1:00 pm 
 Bid Date 06/04/2019 (Date Bids Will Be Opened) 
 Bid Time 3:30 pm (Time Bids Will Be Opened) 
 Bid Location 
Bid location: Magnolia Conference Room 100A, Giles Horney Building, 103 Airport Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 Pre bid location: UNC Taylor Hall, 109 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, Room 505B
 Plan Deposit 

Complete plans and specifications may be obtained from the Designer during normal office hours.