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 Institution East Carolina University 
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 Project Name Belk Residence Hall Demolition and Replacement -Bid Pkgs 202,204,233,300 
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Subcontractor bid packages: BP202-Site Work/Misc. Utilities BP204 - Hazardous Material Abatement and Demolition BP233 - Bored Piles/Displacement Piles BP300 - Concrete Foundations, Pile Caps, and Grade Beams
 Main Contact for Submission CM at Risk Firm 
 Name of Design Firm Davis Kane Architects 
 Design Firm Contact Name Sydney O'hare 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 833-3737 
 Design Firm Email 
 CM at Risk Firm Name Barnhill Contracting Company 
 CM at Risk Firm Email 
 Campus Contact Email Gina Shoemaker 
 Due Date 09/18/2013 
 Due Time 5:00 pm 
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Barnhill Contracting Company Attn: Kelsie Williamson PO Box 31765 Raleigh, NC 27622