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 Institution UNC Charlotte 
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 Project Name Residence Hall Phase XII Early Site Package 
 Prequalifying for 
Principal Trade and Specialty Contractors. The following trades are required for the Early Site Package: 02A Site work, 02B Site Utilities, 02C Asphalt Paving, 02D Curb & Gutter 02E Demolition 03A Site Concrete 15A Site Mechanical 16A Site Electrical
 Main Contact for Submission CM at Risk Firm 
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 CM at Risk Firm Name Holder Construction Company 
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 Campus Contact Email Brian Kkugler 
 Due Date 01/15/2013 
 Due Time 5:00 pm 
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Holder Construction Company Attn: Steven Hunter 2201 Water Ridge Parkway, Suite 540 Charlotte, NC 28217 (704) 357-4207 Office (704) 357-4201 Fax