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 Institution NC State University 
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 Project Name Western Manor Apartments: Exterior Improvements 
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Project scope of work includes but is not limited to asbestos abatement, site drainage improvement, and installation of exterior finishes, soffit vent and balcony rails. Prequalified firms are: Bar Construction Co., Inc., Greensboro H.M. Kern Corp., Greensboro LeChase Construction Services, LLC, Durham Progressive Contracting Co., Inc., Sanford Riley Contracting Group, Inc., Cary Riggs-Harrod Builders, Inc., Durham WECC Inc., Fayetteville
 Main Contact for Submission Campus Contact 
 Name of Design Firm Ross/Deckard Architects, PA 
 Design Firm Contact Name Jonathan T. LaCorte, AIA, LEED AP 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 875-0001 
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 CM at Risk Firm Name n/a 
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 Campus Contact Name Greg Selzer 
 Campus Contact Telephone (919) 515-6254 
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 Bid Date 05/01/2013 
 Bid Time 3:00 pm (Time Bids Will Be Opened) 
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NCSU, Conference Room 301, Administrative Services III Building, 2701 Sullivan Drive, Raleigh, NC 27695