SPRING 2023 workshop Registration is now open!

The next DEOC course is scheduled from March 6-31, 2023

Four-week pacing is available for the workshop. You will:

  • Teach: Learn how to move your class online quickly and effectively.
  • Make: Build digital assets you can use immediately in your course.
  • Discover: Master tools, technologies, and techniques for online teaching.

course Details

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between designing for in-person and online courses.
  • Apply design thinking, backward design and universal design for learning to the design of your online course.
  • Describe common “problems of practice” in both online and in-person classes.
  • Develop specific and measurable learning outcomes for your course and align assessments, instructional strategies, and pedagogical approaches with your outcomes.
  • Understand the differences between synchronous and asynchronous instruction and determine the best mode(s) of instruction for your outcomes.
  • Determine which assessment and instructional strategies can transfer from in-person to online courses and what strategies must change.
  • Create activities that encourage student engagement and interaction.
  • In addition to these workshop outcomes, you will have the opportunity to create a series of assets for your online course, including:
    • A course syllabus
    • A instructor bio video
    • A general discussion forum for your course
    • A situational analysis
    • A concept map of your course
    • A course design matrix, including course-level and module-level objectives, assessment strategies, instructional strategies, and activities to encourage student engagement
    • A synchronicity plan
    • An assessment activity for your course
    • Two instructional materials for your course
    • A discussion forum rubric
    • Netiquette language for your syllabus
    • Discussion session guidelines
    • A student engagement activity/assignment

Instructional Hours


Learning Assessments

Although there are no graded assignments for the Workshop, participants who successfully complete the two-week workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Academic Affairs, UNC System Office.

Thanks to NC State University for providing the registration and LMS infrastructure to deliver the DEOC workshops. Please note: Registration for the DEOC workshop will require you to create a NCSU “Brickyard” account to register for the DEOC course delivered by the UNC System Office.

Why you should attend

“The course helped to better understand my own course, it allowed me to see the ‘big picture.’ I also learned a lot about technology and teaching tools; I learned to not to be afraid of being in front of the camera.” 

Jose Bravo de Rueda, Ph.D., Faculty Member, North Carolina A&T

“It really helped me process what is the best way to structure my course so that my learning outcomes didn’t suffer as a result of not meeting in class as we traditionally have.”

Michael Pearce, Faculty Member, North Carolina Central University

“What a great experience! I especially appreciated how well structured the workshop was (i.e. with connected modules covering a number of relevant topics), how easy it was to move from activity to activity, and the number of spaces that were created to provide/receive peer feedback.”

Mariano Garrido-Lopez, Ph.D., MBA Program Director, Western Carolina University