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UNC InfoCenter

The UNC InfoCenter contains downloadable reports and data tables and interactive data tools. The InfoCenter supports transparency and accountability to North Carolina taxpayers and other stakeholders, and it supports efforts to increase the University’s efficiency and impacts.

Interactive Data Dashboards

The UNC Data Dashboard is an interactive, online database that gives students, parents, policymakers and taxpayers expanded access to detailed system data on selected core measures.

Reports and Data Tables

A library of downloadable information, accessible data tables and reports made to the Legislature, UNC Board of Governors, and others.


County Connections

Explore the reports illustrating the positive difference UNC is making throughout North Carolina. Every county. Every community. Every day.


Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services
Health Professions And Related Programs
Social Sciences
Communication, Journalism, And Related Programs
Biological And Biomedical Sciences



Degrees Conferred in 2017-18




Interactive Data Dashboards


Explore enrollment trends across the UNC system, learn more about who our students are and where they come from.

Transfer Students

Examine trends in transfer student enrollment, first-year performance, and graduation rates.

Freshmen Admissions and Performance

Students, parents, schools and school district officials can see admissions and performance information about high school graduates pursuing degrees at all the universities. Graduation rate information. Peer comparisons, and more.

Research and Development

Explore trends in research and sponsored programs. See award totals for external funding as well as the sources of those funds, and learn about the number of commercial innovations coming out of the University.


With over 200 academic programs across our campuses, UNC students earn degrees in a variety of critical fields. Learn more about degrees awarded over the past ten years, and sort the data by level of degree, field of study and demographics.

Jobs for NC

In partnership with the Department of Commerce's Labor and Economic Analysis Division, UNC tracks employment outcomes of graduates working in the state presented through NC's Tool for Online Workforce and Education Reporting (NC TOWER).

Educator Quality

The Educator Quality Dashboard serves as an interactive on-line tool for viewing and analyzing data reflecting our progress towards the goal of augmenting the quantity and quality of public school educators serving our state’s students.



Examine enrollment trends for freshmen, transfer, and online students; degrees conferred; and average SAT scores.

Government Relations

Learn about Federal and State Government Relations' priorities in funding the University and policy agendas.

Research Activities

Explore trends in research and sponsored programs, including external funding and the number of commercial innovations.

Impact and Outreach

See public higher education’s economic impact and outreach contributions to communities across the state.

Academic Programs

View specific reports on nursing programs, teacher prep, and low productivity programs.

Faculty and Staff

Explore reports on faculty workload, performance of tenured faculty, employee salary data and salary adjustments.

Budget and Finance

View financial statements, audit reports, capital projects, and financial analyses.


Examine classroom and instructional laboratory usage at multiple levels (rooms and seats, by day and by hour), including comparisons to norms and historical trends.

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