About Math Pathways & MPAACT

The University of North Carolina System’s Math Pathways project originated with a desire to take a broad, thoughtful look at how students were moving through their mathematics courses of study. The statewide effort leverages the expertise of our System’s faculty, staff, and administrators to tackle the holistic and specific issues that may inhibit student success in mathematics, and supports undergraduate degree attainment. Most recently, the work was funded through an NSF grant entitled, Building Confidence through Culturally Relevant Co-requisite Mathematics Courses – UNC System Math Pathways for African American Collegiate Transformation (MPAACT). This effort focuses on classroom and pedagogy experiences, student mindsets and sense of belonging, advising and mentoring partnerships, placement practices, and faculty development. The UNC System has recently partnered again with the University of Texas, Charles A. Dana Center, the NC Department of Public Instruction, and the NC Community College System to being work aligning student learning outcomes across the three public education systems in the State. That work is expected to run through 2024-25 academic year.


UNC System Math Pathways Task Force Co-Chairs & Advisory Board


The charge statement of the University of North Carolina System Math Pathways Task Force, adopted in April 2018, was to develop recommendations and processes that support the efforts of each UNC System institution to implement and scale mathematics pathways that yield increased student success and learning in gateway mathematics and statistics courses. In addition to the charge elements, a concerted effort was made by the Task Force to identify successful curricular and pedagogical strategies and models across the UNC System institutions and to disseminate those strategies and models to enhance student success and learning throughout the System.


Recommendation #1: Design of Math Pathways

Recommendation #2: Student Support

Recommendation #3A-B: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Faculty Engagement

Recommendation #4: Advising

Recommendation #5: Placement

Recommendation #6: K-14

Recommendation #7: Transfer

Recommendation #8: Data and Assessment

Timeline: Fall 2017 – Present

Math Pathways Timeline

MPAACT Advisory Board