The UNC Board of Governors established the task force to examine the legacy of race and racism in North Carolina’s public higher education system, how that history shapes and impacts the experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and communities, and arrive at an actionable path forward that will build a culture of inclusion across our institutions.


Task force submits final report

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On behalf of the Racial Equity Task Force, Chair Reginald Ronald Holley submitted the final report on December 16 to UNC Board of Governors Chair Randy Ramsey and UNC System President Peter Hans. The task force is set to present the full report to the board in January 2021.

Read and download the final report and brochure.

To view the November 10 Draft Recommendations and Survey Findings:
APCO Worldwide – UNC System Survey and Virtual Town Hall Findings Report
UNC System Racial Equity Task Force Draft Recommendations

Read the July 21, 2021 Racial Equity Initiative Update Report.

“Today is a step forward in our commitment to supporting racial equity across our System and an opportunity to ensure everyone has the resources they need to be successful at our institutions.”

Task Force Chair Reginald Ronald Holley


  • Meet with groups of students, faculty, and staff to discuss issues of race and equity in the UNC System and all tangible steps that can be taken across the UNC System in pursuit of equity and understanding.
  • Gather, explore, and develop recommendations, suggestions, and feedback.
  • Prepare a report to the Board of Governors, including a list of recommendations and action steps in priority order.
  • Share the final report with the Chair of the Board of Governors and the UNC System President by December 16, 2020.

The Task Force held a meeting on December 4, 2020 to formally adopt the final recommendations and action steps.

This remote meeting was streamed live online so that simultaneous live audio and video of the meeting is available to the public at

As leaders in the University community, it is our obligation and responsibility to do the hard work needed to address inequities in the UNC System for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and all North Carolinians.

Randy Ramsey, Chair of the UNC Board of Governors


The Racial Equity Task Force recommendations will help to build a culture of inclusion and ensure a safe educational and working environment that provides all System constituencies with a sense of belonging. To reach this goal, the System must examine existing inequities, understand how these inequities negatively affect many of our students and employees, and prioritize equity in the pursuit of the goals outlined in the UNC System’s Strategic Plan. By fostering equity in our policies, programs, and practices, the UNC System will enhance economic and social mobility for all North Carolinians, particularly for those who have historically been underserved and underrepresented in the classroom and across our institutions.

UNC Greensboro Students and Campus (Featured Image)


To effectively accomplish our goals, the Task Force’s work includes the following components:

  • Analyzing existing System, institutional, and national data to develop a baseline understanding of racial disparities and equity issues;
  • Conducting an online survey to understand the perspectives of students, faculty, and staff;
  • Hosting conversations or town halls with students, faculty, and staff to discuss issues of race and equity at their respective institutions, and in the communities in which they live and serve; and
  • Preparing a report to the Chair of the Board of Governors and the UNC System President, to include a prioritized list of recommendations and action steps.


Task Force members will  engage in discussions and listening sessions across the UNC System with students, faculty, and staff around three focus areas:

Three Focus Areas
  • Equity in the student academic experience. We’ll examine how to close equity gaps at every stage of the student experience, from recruitment through graduation.
  • Equity-minded faculty, staff, and administrators. We’ll take a deep dive into human resources practices in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of employees.
  • Safe and inclusive campuses and communities. Building a better world that’s equitable for all, starts on our campuses. We’ll work with students, faculty, and staff to foster and maintain safe and supportive campuses that promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging.

Have a suggestion? We’ve created a Share Your Ideas form for you to send us your thoughts, concerns, and valuable input. The form can be used anonymously and will be shared with the task force members for review and consideration. You can also take advantage of our task force email at