Board Meetings and Materials

Meetings March 04, 2016 - Fayetteville State University
Cover Letter
Letter To Public
Meeting Schedule
Meeting Schedule
Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance (CARMC)
3. UNC General Administration Internal Audit Update
Committee on Budget and Finance
Item 2 - 2016-17 Budget Priorities
Item 4 - Discussion UNC System Debt Affordability Study
Item 5 - Discussion Self-Liquidating Projects And Debt Service Fees
Item 6 - Budget Adjustment For Exceeding The 18% Limit On Nonresident Freshman Enrollment - UNC-CH
Item 7 - Refinancing Of Housing Foundation Indebtedness - WCU
Item 8 - Authorization Of Capital Improvements Projects - ECU, NCSU, UNC-CH, UNCC, And UNCG
Item 9 - Acquisition Of Property - ECU
Item 10 - Acquisition Of Property By Lease - NCSU
Item 11 - Disposition Of Property - ECU
Item 12 - Disposition Of Property By Demolition - UNC-CH
Item 13 - Report Of Facilities And Administrative (F&A) Receipts, 2014-15
Item 14 - Sale Of Special Obligation Bonds - NCCU.pdf
Item 3 - Adjustments to 2016-17 Tuition and Fees (Excluding New Debt Service Fees)
Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs
Special Session - Report On NCGAP
Item 3 - Fayetteville State University Faculty And Student Presentation
Item 4 - Minutes Of January 21, 2016
Item 5 - Early College Graduates - UNC Admission Policy
Item 6 - Advising Subcommittee Update
Item 7a - Establishment Of Miller School Of Entrepreneurship At ECU
Item 7b - Academic Program Inventory Reconciliation Actions
Item 7c - Degree Program Consolidations
Item 7d - Teacher Licensure Program Actions
Item 7e - Winston-Salem State University Mission Statement
Item 8 - UNC Engagement Report Update 2016
Committee on Personnel and Tenure
1. January Open Minutes Final
4. Review And Approval Of Proposed Salary Adjustments-Updated
5. Exec And Admin Authority Of The President For HR Matters-Updated
7. President's Summary Personnel Report
Committee on Public Affairs
Item 2 - Federal Policy Agenda Review
Item 3 - Policy Agenda
Item 4 - Connect NC Bond Resolution
Committee on University Governance
Item 2a - SBAA Vidant
Item 5 - Reference Material
Military Affairs
Item 3 - UNC CORE Camp Lejeune
Item 4 - UNC CORE and The VA Benefits.
Item 5 - MARSOC Masters Degree Program RFI
Item 6 - UNC System Student Veterans Council
Special Materials
President Spellings March BoG Meeting Remarks
BCG Interim Report
Expectation Of Conduct During Meetings Of The Board Of Governors
Approved Minutes of March 4, 2016
Appendix A - Chancellor Conway (ECSU) Remarks
Appendix B - Expectations of Conduct during Meetings of the UNC Board of Governors
Appendix C - President Spellings' Report
Appendix D - The Code Section 301A. The Standing Committees
Appendix E - The Code Section 301G. Jurisdiction of the CARMC
Appendix F - UNC Policy 1300.7 - University Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance
Appendix G - Refinancing of Housing Foundation Indebtedness-WCU
Appendix H - Authorization of Capital Improvements Projects - ECU, NCSU, UNC-CH, UNCC, and UNCG
Appendix I - Acquisition of Property-ECU
Appendix J - Acquisition of Property By Lease-NCSU
Appendix K - Disposition of Property By Property-ECU
Appendix L - Disposition of Property by Demolition-UNC-CH
Appendix M - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds-NCCU
Appendix N - Establishment of Miller School of Entrepreneurship-ECU
Appendix O - Academic Program Inventory-API- Reconciliation Action
Appendix P - Request for Degree Program Consolidation-ECU and UNCG
Appendix Q - Teacher Licensure Program Action-UNCA and UNCW
Appendix R - Mission Statement-WSSU
Appendix S - Adjustments to 2016-17 Tuition and Fees (Excluding New Debt Service Fees)
Appendix T - Analysis of Findings and Recommendations Regarding NC Guaranteed Admission Program
Appendix U - UNC Engagement Report 2015
Appendix V - UNC Board of Governors Policy Agenda
Appendix W - Resolution in Support of the $2 Billion Connect NC Bond
Appendix X - Resolution of the BOG Executive and Administrative Authority of the President
Appendix Y - Resolution of the BOG Review and Approval of Proposed Salary Adjustments
Appendix Z - Boston Consulting Group UNC GA Organizational Assessment Interim Report
Appendix AA - Resolution Honoring Interim President Junius J. Gonzales