Board of Governors' Committees

The Board of Governors has six standing committees established in Sections 300 and 301 of The Code. Additional special committees may be established by the Board or the chair of the Board to perform specific functions not requiring the continuous existence of a committee.

STANDING Committees

SPECIAL Committees

Committee on Strategic Initiatives

Mark Holton Chair
Joel Ford Vice Chair
Carolyn Coward Secretary
Swadesh Chatterjee
Gene Davis
John Fraley
Estefany Gordillo-Rivas

Committee on Historically Minority-Serving Institutions

Reginald Ronald Holley Chair
Sonja Phillips Nichols Vice Chair
Kellie Hunt Blue Secretary
Dr. Lee Barnes
Woody White

Subcommittee on Laboratory Schools

C. Philip Byers Chair
Temple Sloan Vice Chair
Estefany Gordillo-Rivas Secretary
John Fraley