The UNC Policy Manual

Establishment and Membership of Committees


The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 100.1 - The Code

Section 300



A.            The Board of Governors may establish such standing committees as it may deem necessary. Standing committees shall be established and their duties prescribed by a vote of two-thirds of the voting membership of the Board of Governors then in office. Special committees may be created by the Board of Governors or the chair of the board to perform specific functions not requiring the continuous existence of a committee.

B.            Each voting member of the board shall at all times serve on no more than one of the standing committees designated in subsections 301 B-E below.

C.            Special members of the board may be assigned to such standing or special committees as the chair of the Board of Governors may from time to time see fit.

D.           The chair of the board may, upon request of a standing committee chair, appoint any voting member to serve temporarily as a voting member of a subcommittee of a standing committee when the chair of the board deems the work of the subcommittee to require such an appointment.

E.            The vice chair of the Board of Governors shall at all times be a voting member of a standing committee. The vice chair shall be assigned to a committee by the chair of the board following consultation between the chair and the vice chair. The vice chair’s membership on a standing committee shall be in addition to the prescribed regular membership of the committee.

F.            The chair of the Board of Governors shall be a voting member of all standing and special committees, but the chair’s membership shall not be counted in determining a quorum.