Giving Back in New Ways During the Pandemic

Not only have faculty, students, and staff continued their education and research in the midst of a global pandemic. They are also finding new ways to give back to the communities that support their studies and research.

UNC System Addresses Literacy

The University of North Carolina System announces the appointment of eight Literacy Fellows as part of the UNC System Literacy Framework Development Initiative.

Building the Future of NC’s Healthcare System

Last spring, North Carolina accomplished a remarkable achievement: four UNC System universities appeared in the top ten in a national ranking of online RN to BSN nursing programs. This is good news for the state. In the midst of a global pandemic, the UNC System’s role building the state’s healthcare system has become even more critical.

A Comprehensive Approach to Problem Solving in the COVID-Era

85 UNC System research projects focus on treatment, community testing, and prevention of COVID-19, with the goal of providing new data and information to help lawmakers and policymakers guide the state’s pandemic response.

The Mighty Engine That Never Idles

NCGrowth facilitates multi-institutional collaborations to help grow businesses and strengthen communities. This work was vital before COVID-19 struck. Now it’s absolutely critical.

North Carolina’s Arts Patron

The story of Miles Davis’ trumpet is a reminder that UNC System institutions and affiliates are much more than classrooms for instruction and labs for research. They are venues and galleries, exhibition spaces and public lecture halls. They are public resources where cultural knowledge is preserved, enjoyed, studied, and promoted.

The Return to Campus Opens the Door to Discovery

Remote instruction can provide many students with access to some of these experiences. But for most, campus life offers the most comprehensive access to the learning and living experiences that lead to more fulfilling lives, research discoveries and medical breakthroughs, and a stronger North Carolina. That is why the UNC System has invested heavily in making its campuses safe places to teach, study, live, and work this fall.

The UNC System’s Digital Summer

By strengthening online instruction, institutions will be more adaptable to the challenges COVID-19 presents. The initiatives support the System-wide emphasis on a hybrid approach to instruction, which employs both in-classroom and online learning. This increased mix of remote learning technologies will ease the strain on classroom space and enable physical distancing. And, in the event that circumstances change, institutions will be ready to pivot to fully online instruction, quickly and effectively.

Research That Keeps Us in the Game

Innovative research taking place at our institutions is changing how athletes prevent injuries and changing how physicians and therapists treat them.

On the Hunt for Big Medical Breakthroughs

Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are testing a potential treatment for C. diff. Meanwhile, an unusual interspecies partnership at East Carolina University is sniffing out new ways to identify and sterilize contaminated sites, preventing the bacterium’s spread in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

N.C. A&T Team Receives Competitive Grant To Study Ginger, Asthma

Can a well-known spice help asthma patients breathe easier? That’s the question that North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s Shengmin Sang, Ph.D., and his colleagues at Columbia University are planning to study as the recipients of a four-year, $1.8 million R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health.

UNC System Launches Digital Course Enhancement Resources

The UNC System announces the official launch of its Digital Course Enhancements Resource Collections initiative. The initiative has generated ten distinct collections of rigorously vetted materials, curated by UNC System faculty and staff, that will enhance digital instruction.

Meet the First Cheatham-White Graduate

Joshualan Mikayla Parrish’s graduation exemplifies how state investment is cultivating the talent and leadership potential that will strengthen North Carolina in the coming years.

No Seeds, No Problem: Growing Vegetables From Scraps

Some people like gardening because it is peaceful. Others enjoy harvesting their own herbs, fruits and vegetables. But whatever draws people to gardening, there’s been a dramatic surge in interest during the COVID-19 pandemic – and that has led to a shortage in the availability of seeds for home gardeners. But what about the seeds in that tomato you got at the store?

Keeping North Carolina Fed

NC State staff member heads the Food Supply Chain Working Group, a panel of industry experts, members of the agricultural community and government officials the state brought together last month to address food production and distribution issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.