The UNC Policy Manual

The University of North Carolina General Administration Waiver of Tuition and Fees for General Administration Employees


The UNC Policy Manual

Adopted 04/09/10
Repealed 10/24/14

The University of North Carolina General Administration
Waiver of Tuition and Fees for General Administration Employees

I.             Purpose

            The Tuition Waiver Program provides an opportunity for eligible employees to have the tuition waived for up to two courses at any of the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina per academic year. Participation is voluntary and courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. The waiver of tuition for UNC General Administration employees is approved by the Board of Governors, as authorized by NC G.S. 116-143.


A.         Employee — a person who is employed by UNC General Administration on a permanent, recurring basis, who works 30 or more hours per week (75% time or more) for nine or more months per calendar year.

B.            Enrolling Institution – a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina in which the Employee is enrolled and receiving academic credit and to which tuition/fees would be paid if not covered under Tuition/Fee Waiver.

C.            Tuition – the Tuition charged for credit instruction, regardless of when the instruction occurs or by what means it is delivered. Campus policy must specify under what circumstances, if any, an Employee may receive a waiver for receipts-supported courses. Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute § 116-143.1(m), a full-time employee of the University of North Carolina who is a legal resident of North Carolina qualifies as a resident for tuition purposes irrespective of the length of legal residency in the State.

D.           Fees – student fees required for attendance at an institution related to credit instruction, regardless of when the instruction occurs or by what means it is delivered. Fees such as travel, laboratory, books, materials, registration fees, athletic services and parking fees are not covered under this policy. Not all institutions offer a fee waiver.

E.            Period of normal employment — the period of time from the start of employment within the University of North Carolina and ending with the satisfaction or discontinuation of the assignment or contract for full-time employment.

F.            Normal employment obligations — those services that the faculty or staff member is obligated by written or oral contract or agreement to perform for the employing institution.

G.            Academic Year — a fall semester, spring semester, and the summer semesters that follow, or courses taken as distance education.


II.           Eligibility

In order to participate, an employee must meet the following criteria:

·              Maintain permanent employment status at 75% time (30 hours per work week) or more for the entire semester during which the course is taken.

·               Meet the academic requirements for admission to the course/program at the enrolling institution.

·               Register for courses in accordance with instructions for the program under which the employee is admitted.  Space must be available in the course.

                Loss of Eligibility - If an employee’s work schedule changes to less than 30 hours per week during the period of attendance, or if the employee separates from permanent employment during the period of attendance, the employee will be billed for all or part of the tuition for the entire semester even if s/he officially withdraws from the course, as provided in the policies and procedures established by the Cashier’s Office of the enrolling institution. However, this payment requirement shall not apply to an employee who is eligible under this policy at the time of enrollment in a course and is later reduced in force (SPA) or discontinued for budgetary reasons (EPA) prior to the completion of the course. This exception does not apply to the end of a time-limited or term (appointed) position.


III.          Program Overview

            Tuition will be waived for any eligible employee wishing to enroll in up to two (2) courses within the UNC system within an academic year. Certain fees may also be waived, but shall be limited according to the institutional policy determined by the Board of Trustees at each university.

Tuition may be waived for more than one course in the same academic term. Tuition waiver may cover such courses as regular undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, online courses, self-paced courses, and independent studies courses.

Departments are encouraged to offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate employee participation. Courses may be taken during the employee’s work day as long as it does not interfere with normal employment obligations. Course attendance including lectures, meetings, labs or other activities associated with courses funded through the Tuition Waiver Program is not counted as work time.


IV.          Procedures

Prior to the approval, commencement of a course for which Tuition and/or Fee waiver is requested:

·               The employee needs to follow the process of applying and being admitted to a program of study that is separate and apart from the Tuition Waiver process outlined herein. Each admissions office has its own deadlines to which the employee must adhere.

·              The employee shall complete the UNC GA Application for Tuition Waiver form for each course, each semester. The forms are available on the HR website at the following link or from the Benefits Office at 910 Raleigh Road.

·               The employee shall obtain manager/supervisor approval then submit the Tuition Waiver request to the UNC General Administration Benefits Specialist for approval prior to the Tuition Waiver deadline.

Please note:  Tuition waiver deadlines may vary from institution to institution. Employees are responsible for knowing the deadline applicable to the institution at which they are enrolled.  Tuition waiver applications must be processed and approved by Human Resources then forwarded to the enrolling institution by that institutions deadline.

                    ·         The Benefits Specialist will verify the employee’s eligibility and will return the completed copy to the employee for delivery to the Enrolling Institution.