The UNC Policy Manual

Rights of Special Faculty Members


The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 100.1 - The Code

Section 610



(1)           Faculty members who are appointed as visiting faculty members, adjunct faculty, lecturers, artists-in-residence, writers-in-residence or other special categories are regarded as “special faculty members” for purposes of the University Code. Special faculty members may be paid or unpaid.

(2)          Special faculty members who are paid shall be appointed for a specified term of service, as set out in writing in the letter of appointment. The term of appointment of any paid special faculty member concludes at the end of the specified period set forth in the letter of appointment, and the letter of appointment constitutes full and timely notice that a new term will not be granted when that term expires.

(3)          Special faculty members who are not paid may be appointed for a specified term of service or at will. Their pay and appointment status should be set out in the letter of appointment. 

(4)          During the term of their employment, special faculty members are entitled to seek recourse under Section 607 of the University Code (relating to faculty grievances). 

(5)          Special faculty members, whether paid or unpaid, are not covered by Section 604 of the University Code, and that section does not accord them rights to additional review of a decision by a constituent institution not to grant a new appointment at the end of a specified fixed term.