The UNC Policy Manual

Powers and Duties


The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 100.1 - The Code

Section 403



SECTION 403.                   POWERS AND DUTIES.

403 A.   General Powers and Duties.

Each board of trustees shall promote the sound development of its institution within the functions prescribed for it, helping it to serve the people of the state in a way that will complement the activities of the other institutions and aiding it to perform at a high level of excellence in every area of endeavor. Each board of trustees shall serve as advisor to the Board of Governors on matters pertaining to its institution and shall also serve as advisor to the chancellor concerning the management and development of the institution. [See G.S. 116-33]

403 B.   Other Powers and Duties.

Each board of trustees shall have such other powers and duties, not inconsistent with other provisions of this Code or with applicable provisions of state law, as shall be defined and delegated by the Board of Governors. [See G.S. 116-33 and G.S. 116-11(13) and (14)]