The UNC Policy Manual

Appendix D: Request for Authorization to Discontinue a Degree Program


The UNC Policy Manual
Adopted 05/06/09

 Appendix D

The University of North Carolina

Request for Authorization to Discontinue a Degree Program


Constituent Institution:


CIP Discipline Specialty Title:


CIP Discipline Specialty Number:                                             Level: B _____ M ______ I _____ D _____

Title of Authorized Program:                                                                       Degree Abbreviation:                                    

Date of Proposed Discontinuation:           month                   year                     

Does the discontinuation of the program involve the discontinuation of an off-site or online delivery of the program? Program                               Site or Online

If the program to be discontinued is offered at off-campus sites, please list them.














Explain why the program is being discontinued. If the program addresses high priority needs, how will those needs be addressed by other programs? Describe steps to be taken to allow students enrolled in the program to complete their courses of study.

Consequences of Discontinuation

How many faculty members will be reassigned?

How many staff will be reassigned?

How many EPA non-faculty will be reassigned?

How many faculty, staff, or EPA non-faculty will be discontinued?

How much funding is to be reallocated based on this discontinuation?

Name, title, telephone, and e-mail of contact person for this notification of discontinuation:


Signature of Chancellor (or designee):